Philadelphia 76ers: Current injury status, schedule for NBA 2023-24 season

The Philadelphia 76ers, founded in 1946 with the original name “The Syracuse Nationals” is one of the oldest teams in league history. The Sixers’ remarkable achievements include winning three NBA championships and reaching the NBA finals nine times in the past.

As the new season begins, the team might be experiencing a tough time, as they are reportedly plagued with a list of injured players. Despite the setbacks, NBA MVP Joel Embiid and the Sixers are ready to kick-start the new season on a high note.

76ers’ current injury status for NBA 2023-24 season

The Philadelphia 76ers will kick off their 2023-2024 season without some stars in action due to injury. The 76ers will unfortunately not be having the services of center Montrezl Harrell who underwent successful surgery to repair his torn ACL and meniscus and is expected to return in April next year.

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While Harrell is expected to be sidelined for a longer period which could see him play a few games in the new season, the likes of shooting guard James Harden has been away from the team due to off-court turmoil between the player and the franchise. Point guard Filip Petrusev and guard Terquavion Smith are both reportedly out of the team with undisclosed injury status.

While other injured stars will be hoping to return to the team, Harden has made up his mind on leaving the team, upon refusal of the franchise’s president Daryl Morey to give him a deserved contract extension. However, the franchise will hope that the injured players return to full practices and scrimmages in time to help the team for the subsequent early fixtures.

76ers’ NBA 2023-24 regular season schedule

The NBA schedule always seems like a never-ending one as each team always has a demanding schedule. The 76ers are no exception as the team will be looking forward to adding to their acquired championships.

Oct 26, 2023Milwaukee Bucks7:30 pmFiserv Forum
Oct 28, 2023Toronto Raptors7:30 pmScotiabank Arena
Oct 29, 2023Portland Trail Blazers7:30 pmWells Fargo Center
Nov 2, 2023Toronto Raptors7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Nov 4, 2023Phoenix Suns1:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Nov 6, 2023Washington Wizards7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Nov 8, 2023Boston Celtics7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Nov 10, 2023Detroit Pistons7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Nov 12, 2023Indiana Pacers6:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Nov 14, 2023Indiana Pacers7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Nov 15, 2023Boston Celtics7:30 pm, ESPNWells Fargo Center
Nov 17, 2023Atlanta Hawks7:30 pmState Farm Arena
Nov 19, 2023Brooklyn Nets3:00 pmBarclays Center
Nov 21, 2023Cleveland Cavaliers7:30 pm, TNTWells Fargo Center
Nov 22, 2023Minnesota Timberwolves8:00 pmTarget Center
Nov 25, 2023Oklahoma City Thunder5:00 pmPaycom Center
Nov 27, 2023Los Angeles Lakers7:00 pm, NBAtWells Fargo Center
Nov 29, 2023New Orleans Pelicans8:00 pmSmoothie King Center
Dec 1, 2023Boston Celtics7:30 pmTD Garden
Dec 11, 2023Washington Wizards7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Dec 13, 2023Detroit Pistons7:00 pmLittle Caesars Arena
Dec 15, 2023Detroit Pistons7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Dec 16, 2023Charlotte Hornets7:00 pmSpectrum Center
Dec 18, 2023Chicago Bulls7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Dec 20, 2023Minnesota Timberwolves7:00 pm, NBAtWells Fargo Center
Dec 22, 2023Toronto Raptors7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Dec 25, 2023Miami Heat8:00 pm, ESPNKaseya Center
Dec 27, 2023Orlando Magic7:00 pmAmway Center
Dec 29, 2023Houston Rockets8:00 pmToyota Center
Dec 30, 2023Chicago Bulls8:00 pmUnited Center
Jan 2, 2024Chicago Bulls7:00 pm, NBAtWells Fargo Center
Jan 5, 2024New York Knicks7:30 pm, ESPNWells Fargo Center
Jan 6, 2024Utah Jazz7:30 pmWells Fargo Center
Jan 10, 2024Atlanta Hawks7:30 pmState Farm Arena
Jan 12, 2024Sacramento Kings7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Jan 15, 2024Houston Rockets1:00 pm, NBAtWells Fargo Center
Jan 16, 2024Denver Nuggets7:30 pm, TNTWells Fargo Center
Jan 19, 2024Orlando Magic7:00 pmAmway Center
Jan 20, 2024Charlotte Hornets7:00 pmSpectrum Center
Jan 22, 2024San Antonio Spurs7:00 pm, NBAtWells Fargo Center
Jan 25, 2024Indiana Pacers7:00 pmGainbridge Fieldhouse
Jan 27, 2024Denver Nuggets5:30 pmBall Arena
Jan 29, 2024Portland Trail Blazers10:00 pm, NBAtModa Center at the Rose Quarter
Jan 30, 2024Golden State Warriors10:00 pm, TNTChase Center
Feb 1, 2024Utah Jazz9:00 pmDelta Center
Feb 3, 2024Brooklyn Nets6:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Feb 5, 2024Dallas Mavericks7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Feb 7, 2024Golden State Warriors7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Feb 9, 2024Atlanta Hawks7:00 pm, NBAtWells Fargo Center
Feb 10, 2024Washington Wizards7:00 pmCapital One Arena
Feb 12, 2024Cleveland Cavaliers7:00 pmRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Feb 14, 2024Miami Heat7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Feb 22, 2024New York Knicks7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Feb 23, 2024Cleveland Cavaliers7:30 pm, ESPNWells Fargo Center
Feb 25, 2024Milwaukee Bucks1:00 pm, ABCWells Fargo Center
Feb 27, 2024Boston Celtics7:30 pm, TNTTD Garden
Mar 1, 2024Charlotte Hornets7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Mar 3, 2024Dallas Mavericks1:00 pm, ABCAmerican Airlines Center
Mar 5, 2024Brooklyn Nets7:30 pmBarclays Center
Mar 6, 2024Memphis Grizzlies7:30 pm, ESPNWells Fargo Center
Mar 8, 2024New Orleans Pelicans7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Mar 10, 2024New York Knicks6:00 pmMadison Square Garden
Mar 12, 2024New York Knicks7:30 pm, TNTMadison Square Garden
Mar 14, 2024Milwaukee Bucks8:00 pmFiserv Forum
Mar 16, 2024Charlotte Hornets7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Mar 18, 2024Miami Heat7:30 pm, ESPNWells Fargo Center
Mar 20, 2024Phoenix Suns10:00 pmFootprint Center
Mar 22, 2024Los Angeles Lakers10:30 pm, Arena
Mar 24, 2024Los Angeles Clippers3:30 Arena
Mar 25, 2024Sacramento Kings10:00 pm, NBAtGolden 1 Center
Mar 27, 2024Los Angeles Clippers7:30 pm, ESPNWells Fargo Center
Mar 29, 2024Cleveland Cavaliers7:30 pm, NBAtRocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Mar 31, 2024Toronto Raptors6:00 pmScotiabank Arena
Apr 2, 2024Oklahoma City Thunder7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Apr 4, 2024Miami Heat7:30 pm, TNTKaseya Center
Apr 6, 2024Memphis Grizzlies8:00 pmFedExForum
Apr 7, 2024San Antonio Spurs7:00 pmFrost Bank Center
Apr 9, 2024Detroit Pistons7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Apr 12, 2024Orlando Magic7:00 pmWells Fargo Center
Apr 14, 2024Brooklyn Nets1:00 pmWells Fargo Center

The 76ers will kick off their regular season against the Milwaukee Bucks on 26 Oct. 2023 at Fiserv Forum whom they lost to in their last game with the scoreline 117-104, before playing the Raptors just two days after on 28 Oct. 2023, which they won against in their last match up with the scoreline 117-110.

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While the Philadelphia 76ers will be ending their 2023-2024 campaign with a game against the Brooklyn Nets on 14 April 2024 at Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia, the team will be hoping to finish up the season on a high note.

The best campaign for the Philadelphia 76ers was in the 1966-1967 season when the team was named as one of the top 10 teams in NBA history. The franchise averaged over 125 points per game in 81 games and maintained third position as the highest-scoring team in league history. As the new season kick-starts soon, the Philadelphia 76ers will hope to surpass their past glory.

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