“Playing like s*ckers”: Former NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony delivers brutal pep-talk to his son’s high school basketball team

An episode of Kiyan Anthony’s “Evolution” vlog shows Carmelo Anthony being tough on his son’s AAU squad. The NBA great, who is also the owner of the AAU team known as Team Melo, was heavily involved in both coaching and supporting the team.

While seeing his kid and the team play at Manhattan’s historic West 4th courts, Anthony’s influence went far beyond the gym. The basketball veteran, who has had one of the longest professional careers in the NBA, is also the father of one of the players and the owner of the team. Thus, he is frequently seen giving advice and encouraging the young players during games and practices.

Carmelo Anthony blasts son’s high school basketball team

Fans have been captivated by Episode 6 of Kiyan Anthony’s ongoing series with Overtime, which gives an inside look at the young prospect’s development. Kiyan is driven to succeed in basketball despite having an NBA player for a father. The video follows him as he strives to become a top student and a college basketball prospect for his graduating class of 2025.

A frustrated Carmelo Anthony is heard saying in the episode that some of the team members aren’t up to the criteria that NCAA coaches look for when recruiting players.”Nobody is happy with how we playing right now, my dad, yeah, he was tired.”, he said.

The video then cuts to Carmelo giving an impassioned speech to the squad, in which he addresses their disappointing performance and encourages them to up their game. In his opinion, “Y’all playing soft”, he said. You guys are such fools. Do you really think coaches will be interested in recruiting you if you keep this up?

Kiyan Anthony, thinking back on the squad’s performance, admitted that his father had high hopes for them and that he, too, wanted a strong reaction from the team. While they had high aspirations for their Pro Skills match against PSA, the episode showed that they fell short of those goals.

Does Carmelo Anthony own AAU Team Melo?

By helping to form Team Melo in 2005, Carmelo Anthony showed he was serious about giving back to the basketball community. This Baltimore-based nonprofit works to improve the lives of student-athletes in and out of the game. In addition to basketball, Team Melo offers mentoring, after-school activities, and community efforts like back-to-school and Thanksgiving drives, setting it apart from other AAU teams.

Particularly impressive is the individual attention each member of Team Melo receives. Admit from Villanova Longtime fan and player Cam Whitmore says that Carmelo Anthony has had a profound effect on his life. Anthony has mentored new athletes and emphasized the value of humility and constant improvement in his interactions with them.

Team Melo is comprised of friendly people, but they also have some serious basketball players on their roster. The 17U squad has a lot of players with college offers, and they play on the highly competitive Nike EYBL circuit. The ultimate goal isn’t just to win games; it’s to see these young athletes achieve in whatever they set their minds to, be it playing in the NBA or just having a positive college experience and coming back to say thanks. Carmelo Anthony has always been dedicated to developing young players, and Team Melo is a manifestation of that.

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