QB Trey Lance’s admission to his poor performance vs Raiders in NFL preseason game leaves 49ers fans in splits

Brock Purdys’ season-ending injury left the San Fransisco 49ers at a loss and he was not present during the game against Las Vegas Raiders. This opened an opportunity for the third-year quarterback Trey Lance to get the start in Sunday’s contest.

Although Lance’s preseason performance against the Raiders left a lot to be desired as he was unable to produce at the level expected from a player like him. He later had some interesting things to say about his own performance.

Trey Lance talks about his poor showing in the NFL preseason game

In the 15-game rivalry between the 49ers and Raiders, which saw the Niners claim eight victories, the 49ers were considered the favorites. In their first preseason game, the 49ers, unfortunately, had an extremely poor showing and succumbed to the Las Vegas team 34-7.

Trey had a 10-of-15 performance for 112 yards and a touchdown on that particular night, which the starter acknowledged was insufficient for the team to triumph. The 23-year-old evaluated himself and his team stating,

“It starts with me, I put that on myself. I got to be better. It’s not on those guys. They did a great job, and they’re competing their butts off. So we’ll continue to work together.”

Trey Lance isn't ready, and the 49ers have painted themselves into a corner - SBNation.com

Lance was seemingly adamant to present himself in better form in their next week’s game and hoped to have a good team output in the future, “Just watch the tape and get ready for next week. Ready to turn the page and be ready to get better next week and be ready to go on Saturday.”

The 49ers are set to face off against the Denver Broncos in their next preseason game on Saturday.

Fans’ reaction to Trey Lance’s remarks

The 49ers put a lot of trust in Trey prioritizing him over Sam Darnold and other possible options, hence his performance likely disappointed them. However, after the second year, the quarterback’s honest confession about his poor performance probably saved him for the time being.

Instead of getting outraged, some fans came forward to console him for the loss while inspiring him to bounce back with a solid performance.

One comment read, “ and he’s still taking accountability, after having 0 starters on the field with him, getting less then 2 seconds to make a read to wr4, and te4, he’ll be okay”.

Lance’s confidence to give his best in the 49er’s next week game also seems to have stolen many fans’ hearts and one of them commented, “That’s the kind of passion and confidence you love to see in your projected starter”.

Among many good wishes, some of the fans were still not happy and slammed him mentioning Darlond as the better fit than him for the San Fransisco team.

“Correction… “Multiple three and outs” and what should have been 2 INTs… Brock and Darnold is good enough, Save some money Niners.”

Fans’ reactions to the Quarterbacks’ statement about his performance are already split. The teams’ upcoming exhibition game should show whether Treys’ army or his critics get the last laugh.

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