Rams’ Demarcus Robinson faces harrowing incident as thieves make off with $100K worth of jewelry

The NFL’s NFC teams never cease to thrill football fans with their intense and suspenseful intra-team games. The Los Angeles Rams have proudly displayed their identity while fiercely contending with three division opponents, including the Arizona Cardinals, the Seattle Seahawks, and the previously “undefeated” San Francisco 49ers.

Under these circumstances, while Aaron Donald of the Rams discovered himself as a significant target of trade speculations, another member of the team has drawn attention for being the victim of a robbery case.

Los Angeles Rams receiver robbed at gunpoint in LA

According to TMZ, Los Angeles police responded to reports of a robbery outside a hotel in the Los Angeles region just after midnight on Friday. Demarcus Robinson, a receiver with the Rams, was later identified as the case’s victim. According to the claim, on Friday morning in Los Angeles, two individuals came upon the receiver and pointed weapons at him.

The 29-year-old was forced to turn over his possessions to the burglars, which included an expensive watch. Robinson gave himself over to the thieves after being held at gunpoint, which allowed them to take his $100,000 watch. 


Upon taking the watch, the criminals released him without creating any further danger. Law enforcement began an inquiry to apprehend the criminals; however, no one has been taken into custody as of yet.

Rams set to face Steelers in their final home game for a month

The Rams will visit SoFi Stadium on Sunday to play the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team which is in hot water for their OC Matt Canada. This will be their last home game for a month after the match. With a 3-3 record, the Los Angeles club will undoubtedly hope to finish the game with a point added to their scoreboard, as a win would solidify the Rams’ position in the playoffs. Additionally, it would be quarterback Matthew Stafford’s first victory over the Steelers.

Sports Illustrated

In contrast, the Steelers, at 3-2, are striving for this victory in order to stay in contention with the Baltimore Ravens, who are leading the AFC North. Nevertheless, Stafford’s team holds the longest winning streak against the Steelers in team history, spanning six games from 1961 to 1978.

The teams came across each other a total of 27 times, with the Steelers winning 10 and the Los Angeles Rams winning 15. These games included the games in question.

Which team do you predict to win this time around? Don’t forget to drop your predictions in the comments.

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