Raptors RJ Barrett mourns his younger brother Nathan Barrett’s death

RJ Barrett was given a leave of absence due to personal reasons by his franchise, the Toronto Raptors. But no one in their worst nightmares could have anticipated what an earth-shattering event had occurred in the 23-year-old’s life.

The extent of RJ Barrett’s loss finally reached the press and the sombre news of his younger brother’s passing spread like wildfire through the internet bringing all the Raptors fans and the NBA community together. In the tough times for the young forward and his family, everyone gathered to provide support and strength to the mourning family.

RJ Barrett’s younger brother Nathan Barrett passes away

A personal loss is always painful, especially if it’s one’s sibling. Toronto Raptors’ RJ Barrett is going through the same pain at the moment after losing his younger brother, Nathan on Tuesday.

On behalf of the mourning family, who deserve privacy in their tough time, the Canada Basketball and Toronto Raptors shared statements regarding the death of the young soul. Not much has been revealed about the deceased except that “Nathan was a God-fearing young man of strong character. He was thoughtful, kind, loving, compassionate, creative, admirable and driven.”

The statement also read “While our family is devastated by this great loss, we will continue to cherish the memories and time spent together.”

Both the brothers got the same basketball genes presumably from his father, who is the general manager of Canada Basketball. While the elder brother is enjoying his first season with the Raptors, the younger one was in high school playing basketball for Montverde Academy, Florida.

NBA fans shower love on RJ Barrett’s family

The news of Barrett family’s loss has deeply saddened the otherwise critical NBA community. They have conveyed their condolences through tweets and comments on X (formerly Twitter) using kind and gentle words keeping in mind to respect the family’s privacy.

A fan wrote, “Sending all the love in the world to @RjBarrett6 family”, while many others shared the similar message.

Someone commented, “My heart goes out to RJ Barrett and his family. As an older Brother, I cant imagine the pain he must be experiencing right now.” Being an elder brother himself, he knew how hard the loss is to deal with.

While a fan stated that the New York Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau started the press conference before the game by sharing grief over the sorrowful news. The tweet read “Thibodeau begins pregame press conference in Portland with a statement expressing sadness over the death of RJ Barrett’s brother”.

Another fan commented like many read, “Deepest condolences to RJ Barrett and his family.” sharing the Canada Basketball and Toronto Raptors’ statement.

The Toronto Raptors will face the Orlando Magic on Friday without their key player RJ Barrett. Although his absence will be felt, the 23-year-old needs to be surrounded by his loved ones right now more than ever.

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