Rashee Rice gets compared to Henry in latest criticism after car accident case

Rashee Rice has just enjoyed a rookie season in which he set the Kansas City Chiefs’ all-time rookie records in receptions and receiving touchdowns. The team’s offensive line struggled throughout the 2023 season, but the wide receiver was really exceptional. He is projected to be the Chiefs starting wide receiver for the 2024 season.

However, Rice is not comparatively less bothered about his upcoming season, as his concern now is all about his alleged car crash. The receiver, who had reportedly been in a bar before the alleged accident, received sharp criticism from a former Super Bowl champion due to a similar incident.

Ex-NFL player calls out Rashee Rice

Former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson didn’t mince words when addressing the recent controversy involving Rashee Rice on Monday’s episode of Undisputed. Rice is under suspicion by Dallas police for allegedly racing his Corvette before a crash and fleeing the scene.

Johnson, who had previously mentored Rice, expressed his dismay at the situation. He mentioned the need for accountability and responsibility, especially given Rice’s status as a professional athlete.

“I know him. He’s old enough to know better. So I’m ruined on him. I already texted him. He’s not going to respond to me because my text wasn’t nice. I spent a lot of time with him last year before the Draft, here in Los Angeles, but also in Dallas, trying to help him understand that life is about to begin”, Johnson said via Yadbarker.

Johnson warned of the dire consequences of reckless behavior by drawing parallels to the tragic case of Henry Ruggs.

“In the end, all it takes is (clicks fingers). All you have to do is look at Henry Ruggs. I knew him too..Try to tell him the same thing. It’s different now, in certain situations you don’t get the pass that you would get at university.”

Johnson continued to stress the gravity of the situation. His frustration regarding the matter was visible throughout the interview.

“I don’t know if he was driving, I don’t know if he wasn’t driving, I don’t know anything about it. I hope someone stole his car. But if he’s involved, that’s the stupidest thing he could ever be involved in. Driving fast cars, racing someone, it’s the dumbest thing he could ever do, man. If I want to race, I go to a track. I’m mad at him man, I really am. He knows better.’

Johnson is not wrong either, as Ruggs career got turbulent due to his drunken driving in a crash that resulted in the deaths of a 23-year-old girl. He is now in prison after pleading guilty to and is set to serve a three-to-10-year prison sentence.

Rashee Rice spotted in bar before crash incident

Reports indicate that Rashee Rice was spotted at a local restaurant with friends and family before the accident occurred. Photos and footage obtained by TMZ captured him enjoying time with loved ones just a short distance from the crash site.

The collision reportedly involved vehicles believed to be associated with the Chiefs star. The incident unfolded on the North Central Expressway, involving a Chevrolet Corvette and a Lamborghini. Both drivers lost control of their vehicles, which ultimately resulted in minor injuries for some and hospitalizations for others.

Rashee Rice has reportedly been cooperating with authorities and has sought legal representation to address the aftermath responsibly. His attorney, Royce West, addressed the wide receiver’s concern for those affected by the accident and his commitment to working with local authorities.

Questions now linger about the circumstances leading up to the crash and any potential ramifications for Rice. However, his cooperation and expressed concern for the well-being of others may play a crucial role in resolving the matter.


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