Richard Sherman declares to return to Undisputed after DUI arrest: “I will be back”

Richard Sherman had a remarkable 11-year career in the NFL. He was a standout football player in the renowned “Legion of Boom” Seattle Seahawks secondary. The experienced leader guided the team to a Super Bowl victory in the 2013–14 season. Sherman is quite the character on television. Nevertheless, his ongoing legal troubles persist.

Sherman’s recent encounter with the law has once again brought attention to him, this time for an alleged incident of driving under the influence. Nevertheless, he is determined to make a strong return, despite his recent hiatus from the industry.

Richard Sherman vows to make comeback

Richard Sherman’s absence from the Fox Sports network comes after his second arrest connected to drinking and driving. There seems to be a troubling trend, with another incident occurring in 2022.

The former Seattle Seahawks star was taken into custody on February 24, resulting in his noticeable absence from Fox Sports 1 programming ‘Undisputed’. He hasn’t shown up since the incident, but he recently spoke out by releasing the first episode of The Richard Sherman Podcast on Colin Cowherd’s The Volume platform on February 12, via Awful Announcing.

The veteran also took to Twitter for the first time post-arrest, assuring his followers of his imminent return to the airwaves.

“I will be back. This was the plan all along. When football topics are getting hotter I will be back,” he wrote in response to a post.

The veteran joined FS1 as part of Skip Bayless’s efforts to refresh Undisputed. Bayless and Sharpe had a friendly rivalry between them. Sharpe teamed up with Stephen A. Smith, while Sherman became a colleague of Bayless.

Sherman’s schedule was set to include approximately 50–100 shows annually, with a focus on the football season. With his flexible schedule, he can easily take occasional breaks without compromising his show commitments. Interestingly, his absence coincides with a crucial time in the football world, as free agency and offseason discussions are gaining momentum.

Although Sherman’s comeback is still a priority for him, there have been no updates on his status from Bayless or FS1 since his arrest. Fans were left curious about his future with the network due to this silence.

Update on Richard Sherman DUI case

Richard Sherman was released from jail after posting a $5,000 bail. As part of his release conditions, the judge ordered him to abstain from alcohol and to stay away from any alcohol-related establishments.

The arrest occurred after the ex-NFL star was pulled over for speeding, clocking 79 mph in a 60 mph zone. According to Washington State Patrol Trooper Jordan Hazzard-Thomas, he exhibited signs of intoxication, including bloodshot and watery eyes as well the smell of alcohol. The veteran also declined to take a breath test. Reports indicate that he admitted to consuming two margaritas prior to driving, as noted in court documents.

Richard Sherman has had previous encounters with the law involving alcohol-related incidents. He admitted to misdemeanor charges related to a prior DUI arrest and domestic disturbance in 2022. The vet also mentioned that they received a speeding ticket in a roadway construction zone.


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