Rob Gronkowski challenges MVP norms amid supporting Tom Brady’s candid take on NFL

For a successful offense, the quarterback-receiver duo is perceived as the perfect combination; however, the notion was perfectly outrun by the on-field success of the Tom Brady-Rob Gronkowski pair. After proving it for the New England Patriots by clinching three Super Bowls, the pair again felt motivated to verify it with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, adding another Super Bowl beside the duo’s name.

Even though the names are now a dream for NFL fans, Rob-Brady forged an off-field bond that initiated them to come forward in support of each other. Continuing the supporting mentality, Gronk recently went viral for his straightforward discussion on MVP of this season.

Gronkowski criticizes MVP race

Rumors about this season’s probable MVP are starting to circulate as the season draws to a close. In this race, the leaders are Josh Allen, Jalen Hurts, Lamar Jackson, and Patrick Mahomes. Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow was also on the list, being Myles Garrett’s favorite pick, but now he is safe to be left off the list for his season-ending injury.

In the middle of these speculations, Rob Gronkowski found no appealing quarterback’s name to claim this season’s MVP that he voiced during his appearance on the FanDuel TV “Up & Adams” program.

The level of athleticism a quarterback needs to be crowned as an MVP is not apparent in the list of prospective MVP quarterbacks, according to the Patriot’s former player.

“They just love to favor quarterbacks, that’s for sure. I definitely think a skilled player should be in that picture. The top six quarterbacks are leading the way to be the MVP favorite, but I don’t think any of them really even deserve to be in the MVP consideration.”

Stats and speculations have been changing in almost all weeks, with Yardbarker seeing Hurts as the probable face of MVP following 11 weeks of the NFL. The Eagles, recently grabbing a stunning win over the Kansas City Chiefs, will enter Week 12 ranking sixth in the NFL with 15 touchdown passes and nine interceptions.

Rob Gronkowski defends Tom Brady’s blunt take

From Brady’s perspective, the NFL is losing its legacy and becoming mediocre little by little. Behind his blunt take, he labeled the league as the culprit for giving more power to the players to play aggressively. His former teammate Rob Gronkowski sees it as an apparent scenario, recalling Tom Terrific’s supremacy as a “consistent player”.

“I would say he’s the only guy that could say that because he was just that consistent at putting a product out on the field every single day. The product he presented at all times was an A-plus. To this day, the product is inconsistent.”

In support of his stance, the 34-year-old pointed to the San Francisco 49ers’ sudden slide from 6-0 to 7-3. The things that astonished the retired player were their failure to hold their legacy suddenly and embracing three losses at a stretch after going undefeated until Week 6.

“You have a team blowing another team out 50-10 and then the next week, they get blown out. They win six games in a row, a very solid team we think is going to go undefeated like the 49ers, all of a sudden they lose three games in a row to not so good teams either. I would just say the consistency of the game, the product of the game going out there every single weekend, isn’t up to par with where it should be.”

Besides Rob, New York Jets player Aaron Rodgers also voiced his frustration, stating his support for Brady’s take, per CBS Sports.

Do you agree with Brady’s words towards today’s NFL as well? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

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