Robert F. Kennedy Jr. confirms speaking ‘pretty continuously’ with Aaron Rodgers for US vice-presidential position

Following a remarkable career spanning 18 seasons with the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers embarked on a new journey with the New York Jets. However, his inaugural season took an unfortunate turn when he suffered a season-ending Achilles injury.  He ultimately remained sidelined for the remainder of the season, despite hopes of a pre- Christmas game return.

With retirement plans surfacing in a recent interview, the attention now shifts to Rodgers’ potential venture into politics, raising questions about his future beyond football.

Aaron Rodgers makes Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s VP shortlist

The political field may see a surprising addition as Aaron Rodgers finds himself on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s shortlist for a running mate on an independent presidential ticket in November. In a recent interview with the New York Times, Kennedy confirmed that Rodgers and former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura are being considered for the role, although it remains unclear if formal offers have been extended.

Rodgers has been a vocal supporter of Kennedy. He could potentially bring his star power to Kennedy’s outside bid for the presidency. While the former Green Bay Packers quarterback has not officially commented on the matter, the move could signal a unique intersection of sports and politics.

The inclusion of Jesse Ventura, a former governor and professional wrestler, also injected interest in Kennedy’s unconventional approach. Nevertheless, as of now, no official statement or confirmation has been provided by Ventura’s or the Jets player’s representatives regarding their potential candidacy.

“No one has officially asked Gov. Ventura to be a Vice Presidential candidate and the Gov. will not comment on speculations,” Ventura’s representative told PEOPLE.

Meanwhile, Kennedy’s announcement follows reports from early February suggesting that the presidential hopeful was nearing a decision on his running mate. 

It’s worth noting the historical connection between the New York Jets franchise and presidential politics. Woody Johnson, owner of the Jets, served as former President Donald Trump’s ambassador to the United Kingdom from 2017 to 2021. 

Does Aaron Rodgers Jets contract end in time to become VP?

With his current contract extending through 2025, the only factors that could potentially prevent Aaron Rodgers from considering the political opportunity of joining Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as a vice presidential candidate, are contractual obligations and personal preferences.

Upon his arrival in the Big Apple, the four-time MVP harbored high hopes of leading the Jets to Super Bowl glory. Unfortunately, his aspirations were abruptly halted after a season-ending injury sidelined him after just four snaps on the field.

Nevertheless, he remains determined to make a swift recovery and resume his pivotal role on the gridiron. To expedite his healing process, he underwent surgery, including a “speed bridge” procedure on his Achilles tendon, designed to enhance recovery time.

While the prospect of delving into politics may intrigue some, the 39-year-old remains steadfast in his commitment to his athletic endeavors. He often stated his desire to return to peak performance and contribute to the Jets’ success on the football field. He also reiterated his excitement about his imminent return to play and his unwavering optimism regarding the Jets’ future prospects.

His contractual obligations with the Jets also complicate any potential foray into politics. Having inked a substantial two-year, $75 million deal in 2023, Rodgers is slated to earn a guaranteed $35 million in salary and bonuses for the upcoming season.

As such, any decision regarding his involvement in political pursuits must be carefully weighed against his existing commitments to his team and his personal career aspirations.

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