Russell Westbrook and Kawhi Leonard shares candid thoughts on James Harden’s trade to Clippers: “One of the best NBA players”

James Harden has been an exceptional player across all the teams he has played for. Since his heydays at the Oklahoma City Thunder, Harden has made a name for himself in the league. Following his friction with the Philadelphia 76ers front office, Harden has now landed in his preferred destination with the Clippers.

After securing a lucrative trade that saw himself and P. J. Tucker moving to the LA Clippers, James Harden will be looking to deliver his best for the team. Both Russell Westbrook and Kawhi Leonard spoke on the stability and the changes Harden’s trade will bring to the Clippers roster.

Russell Westbrook on James Harden trade

Russell Westbrook, in response to questions about the integration of James Harden into the LA Clippers, emphasized the certainty of a challenging adjustment period. He highlighted the need for patience and acknowledged the challenges of integrating a new star player.

When asked about the steps needed for the team to navigate this process, Westbrook replied, “Give it a break, y’all. It’ll be a process. I don’t have the answer. I don’t know, I don’t predict the future. It’s gonna be good games, bad games. It’s not just going to come together and mesh, and we’re going to be perfectly fine. That’s unrealistic expectations for everybody.”

Westbrook and Kawhi gave candid responds to James Harden's trade
James Harden Via Getty

The Clippers’ president of basketball operations, Lawrence Frank, expressed confidence in Harden’s willingness to adapt and sacrifice for the team’s championship aspirations, citing his past experiences playing alongside top-tier talents like Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Joel Embiid.

James Harden, who had long sought a trade to the Clippers, appeared enthusiastic during his arrival, bonding with his new teammates, including Westbrook who is not new to him.

Kawhi Leonard praises James Harden

Kawhi Leonard who is one of the team leaders in the LA Clippers also expressed his excitement and admiration for James Harden following the blockbuster trade that brought Harden to the LA Clippers. Leonard, known for his understated and composed manner, shared his thoughts on the addition of James Harden to the LA Clippers in his classic fashion.

When asked about the trade, Leonard responded, “Once it went down I was in bed at the time. I guess, excited. He’s one of the best NBA players to step on the floor… I’m ready to see him play in a Clippers jersey.”

Leonard’s brief but positive remark underlines his anticipation and appreciation for Harden’s talent. The arrival of Harden who is a former MVP and one of the best scorers in the league, has undoubtedly elevated the Clippers’ potential to an NBA powerhouse.

Fans are eager to witness the synergy between the Clippers stars as they take to the court, creating a formidable offensive force. James Harden’s impending debut alongside Kawhi Leonard, Russell Westbrook, and the rest of the Clippers’ roster has generated considerable excitement and expectations among fans and basketball enthusiasts who are now eagerly waiting to watch them dominate the paint.

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