Sauce Gardner defends Jets QB Zach Wilson amid trade speculations: “All he needs is time”

Zach Wilson found himself thrust into the spotlight for the New York Jets last season by stepping in for the injured Aaron Rodgers. However, the quarterback faced relentless scrutiny, especially regarding his role on the O-line.

The situation regarding Wilson is getting more complex gradually following a lackluster season for the Jets. While Rodgers has been vocal about his support towards Wilson, Saleh and the Jets activity remained suspicious. Amid the storm, Wilson found support from an unexpected ally in his teammate Sauce Gardner.

Sauce Gardner backs teammate Zach Wilson

Sauce Gardner took to X to express his unwavering support for Wilson amid his swirling trade rumors. The Cornerback dismissed rumors that suggested a lack of interest from potential suitors of Wilson.

Jets quarterback Zach Wilson isn’t buying the doubters’ narrative. Drafted in 2022, Gardner dismissed the “haters gonna hate” mentality and instead championed Wilson’s on-field abilities. He highlighted his young quarterback’s dual-threat skillset, praising both his arm strength and his ability to extend plays with his legs when the situation demands it.

“This has to be cap. Zach is a BALLER💯 All he needs is time to throw the ball and if for whatever reason he don’t have it, he can get it done with his legs”, Gardner wrote.

Gardner has become a double threat, turning heads both for his on-field dominance and his positive impact off the field. Back-to-back First Team All-Pro nods solidified his status as a cornerstone player for the Jets, a true difference-maker on and off the gridiron.

Beyond his on-field contributions, the CB has made headlines for his involvement in game streaming and engaging banter with fans on social media. He even sometimes adopts the alter ego “LeSauce” to suggest potential recruits for the Jets.

Update on Zach Wilson’s potential trade

Jets GM Joe Douglas has hit the open market with Zach Wilson, allowing his representatives to test the trade waters. However, while Wilson’s camp has been fishing for suitors, no concrete bites have emerged. League insiders whisper that any potential deal might require the Jets to up the ante by attaching a draft pick or taking on a chunk of Wilson’s remaining contract.

The quarterback’s career has been a rollercoaster so far, particularly in his early years. His play on the field has been up and down, leaving a lot to be desired. With a dismal 12-21 record in 34 games and a hefty 25 interceptions thrown, his struggles mirror the Jets’ overall woes. However, it’s important to remember that the young gunslinger has also amassed 6,293 passing yards and 23 touchdowns. Unfortunately, his potential has been hampered by a shaky offensive line, leaving him exposed and hindering his development.

Meanwhile, recent speculations hint that teams like the San Francisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills, and Denver Broncos are unlikely to pursue Wilson. Analyst Zack Rosenblatt points out various reasons for this reluctance via Bleacher report. The 49ers may pass due to concerns about Wilson’s fit in their offensive scheme, while the Bills reportedly harbor doubts about his potential. Similarly, the Broncos seem to have omitted Wilson from their list of quarterback prospects.

With just one year left on his rookie contract and no extension in sight, the Jets are facing mounting pressure to make a decision regarding his future. Rodgers is expected to start healthy next season, but Wilson will have to navigate a tough time to find a potential conclusion to his situation.


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