Sauce Gardner releases official statement with controversial comments on Jews catching heat: “I love all people”

The New York Jets’ star, Sauce Gardner, has dazzled with his stellar performances, cementing himself as one of the best defensive players in the NFL. With quarterback Aaron Rodgers returning from injury, the cornerback’s presence promises to bolster the team’s performance on both ends of the field.

Gardner recently hit the headlines for several off-field activities, including his Snapchat hack. The young star also recently made an appearance on Adin Ross’ live stream on Kick, where he was seen making controversial statements. He has now provided his take on the latest controversy.

What did Sauce Gardner say about Jews?

Sauce Gardner’s recent controversial incident unfolded innocuously enough, with Ross sharing how he acquired a Tesla Cybertruck early. Ross attributed it to a “Jew” who sold it to him, and Gardner interjected with what many found unsettling commentary.

Ross’ exact intentions remained ambiguous, but Gardner’s words were clear: “Imma be honest, like no funny weird shit,” he began before pausing, and visibly contemplating his next words. He then proceeded to say, “Y’all run the world. They got so much motion throughout the whole world. Y’all gotta see how they be walking in the airport”, via JTA.

Interestingly, Ross, who comes from a Jewish background, appeared unperturbed by Gardner’s comments. He joined in the laughter along with fellow streamers and rapper Ski Mask.

The timing of Gardner’s comments is significant, as they occur against the background of increased awareness of antisemitism in sports. In recent years, there have been a number of athletes who have found themselves involved in controversies surrounding antisemitic statements or social media posts. In the past, NBA star Kyrie Irving received criticism for endorsing a film with antisemitic content and initially choosing not to apologize.

Sauce Gardner clarifies controversial remarks on Jews

Sauce Gardner swiftly moved to clarify his remarks following the alleged antisemitic trope, asserting that his intentions were indeed positive. The cornerback acknowledged that, despite his good intentions, the language he used could be weaponized to propagate hate against Jewish people. This realization prompted him to issue a clarification.

“I love all people. While my intentions were positive, I just learned that people use those exact words I shared for hate towards Jewish people. That is not what I am about and I appreciate those who took the time to educate me on that fact,” Gardner wrote.

The young star had also taken to social media to affirm his inclusive stance before this statement. In the now-deleted post, he stated his love for all people, including Jewish individuals.

“I love all people; Including Jewish people. The majority of my agency/marketing team are Jewish. You probably just took what I said the wrong way but what I said was meant to be a good thing.”

Sauce Gardner’s remarks sparked concern and criticism, particularly within the Jewish community. However, his swift response and willingness to learn from the experience are commendable. Gang Green remained silent on the matter despite requests for comment.

Keeping aside the off-field controversy, Gardner’s performance on the gridiron remains undeniable. He recorded 57 tackles, 1 forced fumble, and 11 pass deflections in just 16 games last season.


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