Scottie Pippen acknowledges Michael Jordan greatness despite feud over “The Last Stand”

The history of the Bulls’ “Big 3,” Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman, both on and off the court, is well-known in the NBA community. Despite being a formidable trio on the court and later having strained relations off the court, they managed to maintain their focus and not let personal issues affect their performance.

However, dynamics changed after Netflix provided a glimpse into the mighty Bulls for today’s audience. Tensions escalated the following year when Pippen released his memoir, “Unguarded,” launching an unexpected attack on MJ. Adding to the complexity, his ex-wife Larsa Pippen began dating Jordan’s junior, Marcus. Surprisingly, Pippen has now made an explicit but unexpected statement.

Scottie Pippen hails Michael Jordan as GOAT

Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan once shared a good bond that turned sour after the “The Last Dance” documentary series aired in 2020. The series was about the Bulls’ 1997-1998 season and success in winning the Championship title but it revolved mostly around Jordan to which Pippen took offense. The 58-year-old felt that he wasn’t given the respect he deserved throughout the series.

Recently on the “Today” show when Pippen was asked whether he viewed MJ as the greatest or not, the 7-time NBA All-Star agreed to it. Pippen said, “You look at the MVPs he was able to achieve but I think it was all brought from us being successful as a team obviously someone’s gonna bring those accolades home but he was the greatest player in basketball.”

Keeping aside his differences and his earlier take on it, Pippen ended the GOAT discussion by hailing the NBA legend Michael Jordan as the greatest player to grace the game.

Draymond Green, Gilbert Arenas throw shades at Scottie Pippen’s “No Bull” tour

After Michael Jordan’s docuseries failed to show Luc Longley’s contribution and interview due to financial issues, there was an Australian version to honor their star, Longley. NBA stars Scottie Pippen, Luc Longley and Horace Grant went on an Australian tour to put forward their side of the story and experience as a part of the 90s successful Bulls side.

The tour has been labelled as ‘No Bull Tour’ which Pippen shared actively on his Instagram Handle. The NBA community has reacted to it and heavily criticized them. One of the fans spotted Grant wearing Jordan’s branded shoes. Pointing it out with a red circle the fan captioned the picture “MJ already won this beef.”

It caught the eyes of the ever-vocal Warriors power forward Draymond Green. He shared the picture on his Instagram story with laughing emojis, choosing his side clearly.

The former NBA player Gilbert Arenas also bashed the three for publicly humiliating their former teammate and NBA legend Michael Jordan. The 42-year-old point guard said, “I don’t want to hear nothing about it. Because you’re calling us losers and we don’t know how to win. And you guys did win, complaining about winning? Sends a bad message.”

As every story has two sides, the Bulls legends clearly have their own versions of how things were behind the scenes in the second Bulls three-peat side. No matter which one has more truth to it, the 90s Bulls will remain one of the most dominant dynasties of the game.

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