Sean Strickland on sparring Sneako: No idea who he is, but he lets guys touch his girlfriend

Sneako and Sean Strickland’s sparring didn’t get much attention until the news started to spread on social media. After Strickland gave him a real-time beating, the former UFC middleweight champion now opens up about why he delivered a brutal beating to the rapper last week.

It turned out to be a so-called ‘bully’ move for Sean Strickland when former UFC icon Jake Shields made a comment. To justify that ‘bully’ comment, Strickland comes up with his own verdict for Sneako, where his girlfriend is also involved.

Sneako’s open romance returns with Sean Strickland’s remark

Finally, Sean Strickland provides the real answer for the fans: Sneako deserved the beating, and it wasn’t just a sparring session but rather a learning session for the rapper. Strickland finally makes remarks about what exactly triggered him, resulting in a brutal beating.

It was just a matter of time for the 25-year-old rapper when the sparring started to get intense with the former middleweight champion. Now, the reason coming forward from Strickland is that he actually doesn’t know who Sneako is, but he heard about how he treats his girlfriend, or actually lets his girlfriend act immorally with other men.

Strickland made the comment, “I know he lets men partake in his woman,” indicating how the rapper let his girlfriend get intimate with more than one man in front of him.

According to the Sports Grail, the story started in 2021 when Sneako was watching his then-girlfriend Maria make out with other men. Though some dismissed it as a publicity stunt, the majority of the streaming community condemned the streamer’s actions. Sneako called it “traumatic” after he had already opened up about his girlfriend Maria’s open relationship with him at the time.

Daniel Cormier and Ben Askren discuss Sneako vs. Sean Strickland spar

Former UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and former UFC welterweight fighter Ben Askren had a discussion about Strickland beating Sneako to almost putting consciousness on the matt of UFC PI.

Ben Askren and Daniel Cormier discussed how the sparring session went and showed an “expected” gesture that this was going to happen. But Askren explained, “The video was violent, and Strickland was actually trying to hurt Sneako.”

Ben’s justification for his statement is that he hit the streamer on the head twice, which is never expected against a non-fighter. The same goes for the body shot, and later, one of the inmates intervened to stop Strickland from continuing the session.

The video starts with Strickland throwing hard punches on the streamer and a constant combo of punches. He landed the first punch on Sneako’s face that actually hurt him, followed by a few body shots following two uppercuts. From the video, it can be easily observed how much all the punches were hurting the 25-year-old rapper.

What are your thoughts on Sean Strickland’s statement to justify Sneako’s sparring session beating?


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