Sergio Ramos offers heartwarming message to ex-Real Madrid teammates, despite on-field feud with Antonio Rudiger on return to Los Blancos

Sergio Ramos has spent most of his career at Real Madrid and has even captained them for a long time. He is widely considered one of their best players that featured in many El Clasicos, one of the most heated matches of the game. Currently, he is back at his boyhood club, Sevilla, and faced his former club this Saturday.

Producing a masterclass against his former employers, Ramos proved he still has it. He kept the ferocious Madrid attackers at bay and even helped give some trouble to the defense. Despite his love for the club, the Spaniard clashed with one of their players—in fact, one of his replacements.

Sergio Ramos and Antonio Rudiger heated encounter

Sevilla and Real Madrid played out to a 1-1 draw, despite the best efforts of the Los Blancos. Part of the reason was Ramos, who played very brilliantly against them, and it was his first match against them since leaving in 2021.

However, at one point during the match, he clashed with Real’s German defender Antonio Rudiger, who had joined the club after Ramos left. It happened at the end of halftime, and tensions were high between the two teams. The two players faced each other and Ramos grabbed Rudiger’s cheeks aggressively. The German was seen simply smiling at the Spanish legend. They were then separated by their teammates, but they continued their war of words.

However, it seems that all is now well between them, as after the final whistle was blown, the two hugged each other. It is clear that the heat of the game led to the clash.

The second half itself saw seven yellow cards, and the game saw many clashes as both teams fought for the full three points. Sevilla had grabbed the lead in the 74th minute through an own goal by David Alaba, but lost it four minutes later when Dani Carvajal equalized from a corner, heading the ball into the opposition goal.

Sergio Ramos message to ex-Madrid teammates

Sergio Ramos also met many of his former teammates yesterday, such as longtime veterans Toni Kroos and Luka Modric. He shared a story and later a post on his Instagram, sharing a picture of the three after the game. He tagged both of them and wrote, ‘Miss u brothers!!’

The three have been longtime veterans of the club, with Ramos being their captain. They won four Champions League and two La Liga trophies together, creating a lot of history and records. Ramos is still beloved by the Madrid fans and he is still one of the club’s fans.

Sergio Ramos
via Instagram

He was also seen meeting up with and embracing other players, such as Vinicius Jr., Federico Valverde and others, after the game. It must have been a bittersweet game for him to have to face his old club like that. But he proved his loyalty to Sevilla and earned a crucial point for his team.

Sergio Ramos left the club for free in 2021 due to contract indecision and other factors. He joined Paris Saint-Germain then and left after two lackluster years. He has now returned to Sevilla, the club where he made his professional debut.

Ramos and Sevilla now need to turn their attention to the Champions League as they face Arsenal at home on Wednesday.

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