Seth Rollins offers alliance to Cody Rhodes for possible Roman Reigns, The Rock WrestleMania XL match

The stage was set for WrestleMania 40 during the WWE WrestleMania Kickoff event, which featured Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, and Dwayne Johnson. The addition of Seth Rollins to the mix was rather surprising. During the time when Rhodes is confronted with difficulties, he is forming allies, and Rollins seems eager to enter the dispute.

With WrestleMania 40 just around the corner, The American Nightmare will get an opportunity to finally resolve his feud with The Bloodline. An exciting new aspect to the buildup to WrestleMania was introduced on RAW when Rollins suggested they partner up against The Bloodline.

Seth Rollins offers to be Cody Rhodes’ shield at WrestleMania XL

Everyone in the WWE world is counting down the days before WrestleMania. A major player at this year’s event, Cody Rhodes is now involved in a brawl with Roman Reigns and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. What started off as a confrontation between Reigns and Johnson is becoming more of a battle for supremacy. 

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Cody ignited the “We Want Cody” campaign on a recent RAW program by addressing the crowd support. The Rock had been acting more aggressively after receiving fan reaction, but he didn’t back down from confronting Rhodes. In response to The Rock’s slap, Cody threatened to take advantage of the situation and get revenge. 

But then world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins stepped in, saying he’d back Cody in his war with The Bloodline. Rollins made a commitment to shield Cody against the threats that they would face.

Invoking Dusty Rhodes’ heritage, he pushed Cody to fight for himself and their fans as he continued his road of redemption. Now that Rollins is on Cody’s side, his route to WrestleMania is becoming more obvious.

Cody Rhodes sends stern responds to The Rock’s slap incident

When Roman Reigns and The Rock create a team, Cody Rhodes will certainly look to other wrestlers for help. Relief for Rhodes followers, as the current heavyweight champion wanted to be his protector. Some have speculated that Rhodes may not be the only one vengeful against The Bloodline; Randy Orton and Jey Uso may also be involved. 

Cody Rhodes
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Cody Rhodes expressed gratitude to WWE RAW viewers for their support as he geared up to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 in a message he delivered on February 12. In response to the chants of “WE WANT CODY” from the crowd, he reiterated his love for WWE and his desire to leave a lasting impression.

Next, The American Nightmare turned his attention to The Rock, promising to seek revenge at WrestleMania. After making it clear that he didn’t mean to insult The Rock’s family, he threatened to retaliate. Cody conveyed the threat to The Rock by saying, “Rock, you slapped me across the face, and what that means is I’m going to hit you right back.”

Besides Seth Rollins, who else do you think Cody Rhodes should enlist? Leave a comment with your ideas in the comment section.

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