Shannon Sharpe claims Taylor Swift’s cultural impact surpasses Beyoncé comparing to Michael Jackson

It has to be said that Taylor Swift has been nothing short of a revelation for the NFL community this season. The kind of impact she has had ever since confirming her relationship with Travis Kelce has been amazing, and she continues to broaden her audiences across the country.

One fan of her impact on the league as a whole is NFL analyst and former athlete Shannon Sharpe, who admitted in public that he is a massive fan of Taylor Swift and her work, especially in the NFL domain. He even went so far as to compare her to some of the global pop sensations of yesteryear. L

Shannon Sharpe highly praises Taylor Swift’s cultural impact

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been the talk of the town as a couple for the better part of last year. Even in the first month of this year, the power couple has made the headlines on several occasions as they continue to support each other through their high-profile careers.

Shannon Sharpe, an analyst whose opinions are well respected in the NFL community recently took to a podcast to wax lyrical about the pop star. According to Parade Magazine, Sharpe said, “Taylor Swift has generated an equivalent brand value of $331.5 million for the Kansas City Chiefs this season. Tell me the other person that’s gonna do that. Beyonce ain’t moving the needle like this chick.”

“The NFL can have anybody do halftime,” he continued. “I guarantee you Taylor Swift is first. I ain’t telling you what I heard, I’m telling you what I know.”

Shannon Sharpe compares Taylor Swift with Michael Jackson

Later on in the show, Shannon Sharpe even went so far as to compare Taylor Swift with arguably one of the greatest pop stars of all time: Michael Jackson. He said, “She’s the closest thing to Michael Jackson that we’ve seen.”

However, his opinion did not receive that much of a positive response from some of the fans. “He’s not wrong but no one really knows TS. She moves the needle yes. She has influence but her popularity is no wayy near MJ,” commented one user on X (formerly Twitter), while another quipped, “Swift’s impact may be big, but Beyoncé’s star power is on another level. No comparison.”

What are your opinions on Shannon Sharpe comparing Taylor Swift to the likes of Beyonce and MJ? Let us know in the comments below.


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