Steelers QB Mason Rudolph rates treehouse gift above win vs Bengals in hilarious Christmas confession

The 2023 NFL season has been marked by the injuries of starting quarterbacks, and the Pittsburgh Steelers are one of those unfortunate teams. With eight wins and seven losses, the team is keeping its fingers crossed to ensure a potential playoff run. In a competitive division like the AFC North, where all the teams have significant victories, the upcoming race will undoubtedly be tough for the franchise.

However, the Steelers fortunately found their lost charm in Mason Rudolph. The signal-caller recently put an end to the Cincinnati Bengals three-game winning streak to give a memorable win to the Steelers. However, for him, a Christmas memory of childhood weighs more.

Rudolph rates Treehouse above win

Mason Rudolph took center stage and led the Steelers to a resounding 34-11 win against the Bengals. His performance not only secured the win but also marked a significant milestone for the team, achieving their highest point tally of the season. For a franchise that struggled to surpass 18 points in their previous five games, the QB’s leadership on the field became a ray of hope that Steelers fans had been yearning for.

Amidst the celebratory atmosphere, the stadium echoed with chants of the signal-caller’s name, and fittingly, the iconic melody of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” resounded through the speakers as the team managed to give a Christmas gift to their loyal supporters.

When quizzed about the significance of this win, Rudolph, with a touch of humor, reminisced, “I got a treehouse when I was 12, but this is definitely up there”. According to his take, this victory was momentous, but it wouldn’t surpass his cherished childhood Christmas memory.

The Steelers, grappling with quarterback injuries, entrusted Mason Rudolph with the helm due to the second-year star Kenny Pickett’s recovery from right ankle surgery and Mitch Trubisky’s lackluster performance in his absence. Rudolph seized the opportunity, and moonlighted as a hero by showcasing the pivotal plays the Steelers had been missing, especially within an offense that ranked 28th in the NFL. His leadership and performance snapped the team’s three-game losing streak and illuminated the potential depth within the roster as well.

Looking ahead, the imminent return of Pickett will be something to watch. Rudolph’s stellar performance will definitely present Coach Mike Tomlin with an intriguing dilemma.

Mason Rudolph’s strong performance deals blow to Bengals’ playoff chances

Mason Rudolph’s incredible return to the gridiron after a hiatus of over two years saw him spearhead a remarkable resurgence for the Steelers. He recorded 290 passing yards and two crucial long touchdowns for wide receiver George Pickens. The duo’s chemistry was visible throughout the match as the QB launched an 86-yard catch-and-run touchdown on just the second offensive play. Besides that, a majestic third-quarter lob from him resulted in a 66-yard score for Pickens.

The Steelers, galvanized by Rudolph’s leadership, surged to their highest point total in a win since 2020. The signal-caller’s assessment of the game echoed the sentiments of a team finding its lost rhythm, saying, “I felt like we were balanced and we were clicking.”

The Steelers defense, plagued by injuries to key players, stepped up admirably as well. Despite missing top safeties and inside linebackers, they showcased an impressive performance, limited the Bengals to just 11 points in the game and shut them out in the first half. Their relentless pressure forced Cincy QB Jake Browning, who stepped in following Joe Burrow’s injury, into three interceptions.

The win against the Bengals marked the Steelers first comprehensive sweep since 2019. Though their playoff run is still hanging in the air, this win will definitely give them a huge boost.


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