Stefon Diggs nine-year old nephew savagely roasts Jets star Sauce Gardner: “Scored on you week 1”

Following his selection as the 10th pick in the fifth round by the Minnesota Vikings, Stefon Diggs experienced a significant rise in prominence during his time with the Buffalo Bills. During the NFL season, Diggs garnered attention not just for his on-field performance but also for his publicized tensions with his quarterback, Josh Allen, although their relationship appeared to improve over time. 

However, amidst speculation about Diggs potentially parting ways with the Bills, attention shifted to a surprising source—a member of his family—who voiced their thoughts for Diggs.

Stefon Diggs nephew trolls Sauce Gardner

Just a few days ago, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs pointed his finger at the Bills team, claiming they didn’t utilize his brother Stefon Digg’s athleticism properly. Trevon Diggs’ nine-year-old son, Aaiden Diggs, made waves by confronting Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner for his perceived mistreatment of his uncle, Stefon Diggs.

The young Diggs didn’t hold back, expressing his frustration with Gardner’s actions during a practice session.

“You trying to talk trash about my uncle (Stefon Diggs)? I heard you. And look what happened. He scored on you in that week 1 game,” Aaiden boldly said.

Gardner handled the situation with humor and humility despite the young fan’s remarks. He reassured Aaiden that he meant no disrespect to his uncle. 

“I don’t remember that, but aye, if you say he did, he did,” Gardner responded, per A to Z Sports. “Your uncle is good at football, man.”

The rivalry between the Jets and the Bills, particularly between Gardner and Diggs, started during their season-opening clash, where Diggs showcased his talent with a touchdown against Gardner. However, the Jets later managed to upset Diggs’ team, adding fuel to the fire of their ongoing feud.

When the two teams met again in Week 11, tensions boiled over as Gardner delivered a hard hit on Diggs, resulting in a penalty and a subsequent skirmish between the teams. The league later fined Gardner over $10,000 for the controversial hit.

Stefon Diggs speculated to leave Bills

The Bills faced an abrupt end to the season with a 24-27 defeat to the Chiefs. The bitter taste of defeat and Stefon Digg’s underwhelming performance in the second half of the season have fueled questions about the direction his career might take in Buffalo.

The vet player of the Bills did little to ease concerns about his tenure in a Bills jersey during his first public comments since the playoff exit. Speaking from the Pro Bowl Games in Orlando, Diggs expressed a cautious approach when asked about his future with the Bills.

“I feel like I take it day by day. There’s a lot of changes going on, a lot of things going on. I can’t really put the carriage before the horse, you know what I’m saying? But I got a great offseason in front of me to put a lot of work in and kind of build around what we got and what we’re doing. I can’t tell you what the future holds, but I’m still being me.”

Despite his Pro Bowl honors in each of his three seasons with the Bills, he faced severe criticism for an unexpected decline in performance during the latter half of the recently concluded season. He himself may be pissed off at encountering those.

As he was questioned about being ready to move forward with the Bills, he boldly replied that he has made his mind “ready to go no matter which way it goes.”

Diggs’ response, which leaves room for interpretation, adds to the mystery surrounding his future, particularly given his long-term contract with the Bills. With the offseason on the horizon, there are still lingering questions about Diggs’ future with the Bills that have sparked intense speculation.

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