Stephen A. Smith challenges Cowboys’ Playoff potential, labels previous home wins against Raiders, Jets, Patriots, Rams and Giants as “scrubs”

The Dallas Cowboys might be able to dominate their division due to the superiority of the Philadelphia Eagles. However, they are doing everything possible to give tough competition to their rivals, and at home, their havoc is just undeniable. The Week 13 match started off in incredible fashion as the Cowboys kept their home win streak alive with a whopping win over the Seattle Seahawks.

With the 41-35 victory, the Cowboys have secured their fourth consecutive win following the blow from Philly. At the 9-3 mark and second spot in the division, the team continues to search for securing a playoff run this season, and Stephen A. Smith says they lack the caliber to do so.

SAS critiques Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium success

Days ago, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones lamented over his team’s failure to secure wins in close matches. The team’s 6-point win over the Seahawks was something that can alleviate the owner’s sadness for a while. It marked their 14th consecutive win, positioning them just four victories away from equaling the franchise’s record of 18 consecutive home wins.

However, amidst the celebration, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith raised skepticism about the Cowboys’ dominance at home on Friday’s episode of “First Take.” He didn’t merely focus on the team’s home performance but emphasized the quality of competition faced on the road and the looming challenges during playoff matchups.

“What I am pointing to is not just the road, but the level of competition that they went against on the road and the level of competition that is going to be waiting for them come playoff time,” he said via KXAN.

Dak Prescott was also singled out by Smith for his comments. He painted an intense, if exaggerated, picture of his ease at home games, and he voiced his concerns about the signal-caller’s performance, despite his earlier praise of the quarterback’s outstanding displays. Along with the surging Cowboys, the presenter referred to the teams the team has beaten at home this season as “scrubs.”

“The scrubs that they beat at AT&T Stadium with Dak Prescott dropping back into the pocket, ordering hot dogs, calling his honey, telling her what time he’ll be home and all of this other stuff before you even throw a damn pass.”

Besides these, Smith also emphasized that the playoffs would present vastly different and more demanding conditions than those encountered during regular-season home games. The Cowboys fans are surely going to rip him apart following his recent take, as the clash between SAS and Cowboys fans has been a common scenario in the NFL.

Dak Prescott’s clutch performance propels Cowboys to victory

The Week 13 matchup against the Seahawks left an indelible mark on the Cowboys, as for the first time at home this season, they found themselves trailing. The Cowboys’ defense struggled against a relentless Seahawks offense that mirrored their own, refusing to punt throughout the game.

However, despite the defensive challenges, the Cowboys managed to assert their offensive prowess, amassing 411 yards, converting 8 of 14 third-down attempts, and crucially, maintaining possession of the ball without a single turnover. At the heart of the team’s undeterred performance was Prescott, whose consistency has become the linchpin of the team’s aspirations for a deep postseason journey.

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The signal-caller continued that stellar performance against the Seahawks as well and has maintained the hope of acquiring the 2023 NFL season’s MVP. He recorded 299 passing yards along with three touchdowns, while his remarkable 20 passing touchdowns over the last six games established a new franchise record.

Besides that, wide receiver CeeDee Lamb emerged as Prescott’s go-to target, amassing an impressive 116 yards and securing one touchdown from the QB’s throws. What’s your take on Prescott’s recent performance?


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