Stephen A. Smith claims Pelicans can go to the championship game with one Zion Williamson condition

The acclaimed sports analyst Stephen A. Smith has made a bold prediction about the New Orleans Pelicans’ championship chances. Smith believes that the key to the Pelicans reaching the championship game revolves around their best player.

This perspective underscores Williamson’s role in the team’s fortunes and highlights the expectations surrounding this young athlete. Smith’s assertion raises questions about the potential impact of Williamson’s well-being on the Pelicans’ journey to the NBA title and underscores the importance of a healthy Zion Williamson for the team’s success.

Stephen A. Smith makes bold Pelicans claims

Following Zion Williamson’s outstanding performance on the first night of the NBA season, prominent sports journalist Stephen A. Smith made a startling claim. Smith feels that the New Orleans Pelicans, led by Zion Williamson, have the potential to become serious NBA Finals competitors. He believes that if Zion can stay fit, the Pelicans have a chance to make a deep postseason run.

Smith believes in the Pelicans’ potential due to Zion’s transformative talents on the court. He views Zion not only as an All-Star but as a game-changing figure capable of significantly impacting the team’s performance. However, Smith’s projection comes with a critical caveat: Zion’s injury history remains a major concern.

The Pelicans, boasting a “big three” of Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram, and CJ McCollum, present an intriguing option in a highly competitive Western Conference. The team is fortified by these star players, along with emerging talents and seasoned veterans.

While the Western Conference is filled with strong teams, Zion’s ability to remain injury-free is crucial for the Pelicans’ potential rise to contention. Therefore, Stephen A. Smith’s assertion underscores the Pelicans’ promising prospects with Zion Williamson leading the way, while emphasizing that his continued fitness is key to their success.

Looking at Zion Williamson’s injury history

Zion Williamson’s persistent injury issues have worried not only the New Orleans Pelicans, but also NBA fans. He’s expressed his displeasure and shown a strong desire to return to the court. Williamson’s hamstring strain, which has kept him out since January, has proven to be a severe setback.

Williamson stated in a recent update that the injury still causes hesitancy during certain movements, and he’s concerned about potentially harming the team if he returns too early. His NBA career has been plagued by injuries since tearing his meniscus in his first season. In the following seasons, he injured his thumb and missed an entire season due to a right foot injury.

Williamson’s absence has prevented him from making his NBA playoff debut. His injury history reflects a disheartening pattern, raising questions about his long-term durability and the Pelicans’ handling of their star player.

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