Stephen Curry recalls Roy Hibbert once sent him flying after on-court scuffle in 2013: “I’ve gotten a beatdown”

Stephen Curry recently reminisced about a heated on-court altercation with Roy Hibbert that left a lasting impression on him. During the game, Curry found himself entangled in a physical confrontation with Hibbert, who caught him off guard with his rough play. The unexpected turn of events sent Curry flying, and the incident quickly escalated.

When asked about the event, the age-defying performer Curry joked that he had ‘gotten a beatdown’ in that particular match. This unforgettable experience resurfaced, shedding light on the fierce and physical nature of NBA games and the unforeseen twists that may occur amid the intensity of on-court clashes.

Stephen Curry recalls Roy Hibbert incident in 2013

During a recent interview on the “SmartLess” podcast, NBA’s one of the the greatest shooters Stephen Curry detailed a heated altercation with the Indiana Pacers that took place over a decade ago, specifically in 2013. The incident involved prominent players such as Roy Hibbert, David West, and Curry’s then-teammate, David Lee. During a big-man brawl, Curry jokingly mentioned the unspoken rule for guards to stay out of such disagreements.

Despite the size difference, Curry got involved in the brawl to support his friend Lee. Curry characterized his attempt to intervene as trying to pull Hibbert away, only to be quickly swatted aside, sending him careening across the court. Curry, embarrassed but unfazed, sarcastically recalled his fruitless attempt to rejoin the fight, which was met with a friendly reminder by David West, known for his on-court authority.

Curry, who later played alongside West in the Warriors’ championship campaigns, remembered the meeting with levity, praising Hibbert’s abilities but harboring no ill will towards him. Despite the humorous narrative, it’s clear that Curry has learned from such experiences, emphasizing the necessity of devotion without getting involved in physical fights on the court.

Roy Hibbert’s response to Stephen Curry scuffle in 2013

A post-whistle shove by David Lee at Roy Hibbert provoked a fight during a game between the Indiana Pacers and the Golden State Warriors in 2013. Hibbert replied by pushing Lee back, resulting in a melee involving players from both sides. Pacers forward David West emphasized the team’s dedication to unity in such situations, defending each other.

Stephen Curry momentarily engaged during the brawl, putting his arms around Hibbert before being pushed aside and crashing on the floor. Before the players returned to their benches, the mayhem spilled into the stands. In retrospect, Hibbert expressed dissatisfaction with Curry’s attempt to intervene amid the chaos.

Hibbert was ejected from the game after receiving two technical fouls, despite ending with 13 points and 9 rebounds. The Pacers triumphed with a 108-97 victory. Hibbert’s account, in which he mistaken Curry for another teammate, underlined the intensity and uncertainty of the on-court brawl.

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