Stephen Curry urges Keegan Murray to “pull it up” on his big night of 3s

Despite the Golden State Warriors enduring a challenging season, Stephen Curry has consistently proven to be the driving force behind their performances and an idol to the likes of Keegan Murray. As the team has struggled with injuries and inconsistencies, Curry has continuously exhibited his brilliance on the court, acting as a ray of light amidst the darkness.

This season, however, Curry has not only been carrying the Warriors but has also taken up the role of a mentor. On a recent night of exceptional three-point shooting, Curry directed his attention towards Keegan Murray with guidance from a basketball legend, covering a lot of headlines.

Stephen Curry reacts to Keegan Murray’s 3-pointer flurry

Stephen Curry, the reigning king of three-pointers in the NBA, had every reason to celebrate as his Golden State Warriors triumphed over the Brooklyn Nets with a final score of 124-120. Despite missing their key player Draymond Green and facing back-to-back losses, the Warriors came out on top, and Curry had a night to remember for himself.

Keegan Murray and Stephen Curry
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Curry accomplished yet another milestone by becoming the first player in NBA history to reach a staggering 3500 three-pointers. While Curry undoubtedly enjoyed his own achievements, he was equally thrilled by the remarkable performance of Keegan Murray from the Sacramento Kings.

In their game against the Utah Jazz, Murray just couldn’t miss a shot, racking up an impressive 47 points and sinking an incredible 12 three-pointers. This extraordinary feat earned Murray the distinction of being the first player in NBA history to make 11 consecutive three-pointers.

News of Murray’s incredible display caught Curry’s attention, and during a media interaction in the third quarter, Curry expressed his joy for the young talent’s accomplishments. When asked about Murray’s remarkable streak, Curry couldn’t help but applaud, exclaiming, “12 of 13 is nuts!” He also encouraged Murray to continue this level of consistent performances.

It was a historical moment indeed, as one legendary shooter acknowledged the achievements of another rising star. Curry’s support and admiration was a moment to be admired by all.

Keegan Murray’s game vs Jazz in numbers

Keegan Murray put on a historic performance against the Utah Jazz, showcasing his shooting prowess and proving he is a rising star in the NBA as the Sacramento Kings secured a convincing 125-104 victory, with Murray’s incredible display stealing the show.

Keegan Murray
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Murray’s outstanding performance included making 12 three-pointers, leaving him just two short of the NBA record. In total, he amassed a career-high 47 points, leaving the Jazz defense helpless throughout the game. His shooting display was particularly impressive in the third quarter when he scored a franchise-record 26 points, inching closer to Klay Thompson’s NBA record of 14 three-pointers in a game.

Kings coach Mike Brown praised Murray’s performance, highlighting his ability to play within the flow of the game and capitalize on open opportunities. Murray’s electric performance in the third quarter propelled the Kings to a commanding 44-26 lead, ultimately securing the win.

Keegan Murray humbly described his hot shooting streak, comparing it to his college days when he would “blackout” and everything would seemingly go in. By the end of the third quarter, Murray’s buzzer-beating three-pointer sent the Kings into the final period with a massive 30-point lead.

Even opposing coach Will Hardy of the Jazz recognized Murray’s exceptional night, admitting that every mistake made by their defense was immediately punished by Murray’s accurate shooting. With 19 points in the first half alone, Murray proved his versatility and ability to perform at a high level consistently.

While Murray’s performance may have surprised some, Kings coach Mike Brown believes there is still untapped potential in the young star. With his work ethic and determination, Murray has the opportunity to become a high-level player in multiple aspects of the game.

As fans are eager to witness his continued growth and development as he proves himself on the highest level, the NBA could have another great player in the making.

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