Steve Kerr addresses Warriors star Andrew Wiggins absence: “We fully expect him back”

Andrew Wiggins was an integral part of the Golden State Warriors in 2022 when they won the NBA championship. With his aggressiveness and hunger for success, the star emerged as one of the best players on the team, leading the squad in many crucial moments.

However, ever since, the star has missed a substantial amount of games for the Warriors, leaving fans concerned about what is happening behind the scenes. In their run without Wiggins, it has been evident that the team misses his presence.

Steve Kerr sheds light on Andrew Wiggins absence

The Golden State Warriors have struggled to establish themselves in the league this year. From failing to succeed to drama and chaos, the team have had it all. Amidst their struggles, the one star that has managed to stay consistent is one of basketball’s finest, Stephen Curry.

Whenever there’s a cause for concern, the Warriors have turned to Curry in desperation, and almost every time, Curry has managed to answer their pleas. Another player that the team constantly relied on is Andrew Wiggins.

Andrew Wiggins
Andrew Wiggins is a crucial part to the Warriors roster via Getty Images

Once Wiggins gained momentum with the team, there was no looking back. He could knock down shots, gather rebounds, and make plays—a complete package that could play the role of a secondary option under Curry. With Wiggins, Curry, and other members of the Warriors, the team effortlessly cruised to victory in the NBA Finals against the young Boston Celtics.

However, it’s been downhill for Andrew Wiggins and the Warriors ever since. While the Warriors never gained back their championship season momentum, Wiggins missed games on multiple occasions leaving Golden State stranded for options and not knowing what to do. His absence has continued onto this season as well and now Warriors coach Steve Kerr shed some light on the extremity of the situation.

Speaking on Wiggins’ prolonged absence, Kerr said, “Wiggs is a private person and he’s asked to keep it private and we’re going to honor that…We respect Wiggs. We need him and we fully expect him back but we just don’t know that will be.” While the update isn’t necessarily comforting for Warriors fans, it does ensure a sense of clarity from the coach to the fans.

Andrew Wiggins missed 25 games last season to attend family matters

Last season, Andrew Wiggins missed a chunk of the Warriors’ season, which made a huge dent in the Golden State Warriors’ roster. The star only appeared in 37 of the Warriors’ games and started all the games. In those games, Wiggins averaged a very reliable 17.1 points per game combined with 2.3 assists and 5 rebounds.

However, soon after Wiggins’ absence, the team was unable to figure out replacements for Wiggins and eventually began plummeting downwards in his absence. While the star did not reveal the specifics of his family emergency, it was believed to be of utmost urgency due to which the player made himself unavailable for an extended period of time.

Andrew Wiggins
Andrew Wiggins is set to miss more games with the Warriors via USA Today Sports

What are your thoughts on Andrew Wiggins’ absence? Should the Warriors pursue any replacements for the player? We are eager to know your thoughts and opinions, so feel free to comment below.

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