Super Bowl 2024: how much will the Chiefs players get for lifting the Lombardi trophy?

Sports enthusiasts were preparing themselves to witness a fierce Super Bowl battle between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. The Chiefs were clearly the underdog in the campaign. After smashing the “Josh Allen Curse,” the defending champion overcame the “Drake Curse” to secure Super Bowl LVIII.

The win marked back-to-back Super Bowls for the Chiefs, a record not broken since 2003. Patrick Mahomes and Co. are getting a hefty sum of money for this win, and the 49ers too will go home with some cash.

What is the payout for Super Bowl 2024 winners?

The Chiefs players are poised to earn a handsome payout of $164,000 each due to their Super Bowl win, per the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NFL Players Association and the NFL. It marked a $7,000 increase from the previous year’s total, via 9News. Winners of the 2025 Super Bowl can anticipate an even larger sum, with payouts slated to rise to $171,000.

The journey to the Super Bowl involves incremental bonuses for winning teams in preceding games. For example, the Chiefs earned $50,500 for their wild-card win, another $50,500 for the divisional playoff, and $73,000 for the AFC championship victory.

However, not every player on the roster walks away with the same amount. Active players who participate in at least the three preceding games receive the full bonus. Inactive players, whether on the practice squad or injured list, will receive only half of the payout.

Eligibility for bonuses hinges on several factors, including being on the active or inactive list during the Super Bowl and having a minimum of eight previous games on the list. This includes veteran players who may have grappled with injuries during the season but are still under contract when the Super Bowl commences. The NFL’s upward trajectory in payouts is reflective of its growing revenue streams and the ever-increasing popularity of the sport. The league partnered with Peacock for streaming this season and will do so with Amazon Prime next season.

How much will 49er players get?

The 49ers might have missed out on the Super Bowl after succumbing to the Chiefs, but they still come away with a significant financial reward.

The losing team in Super Bowl LVIII is entitled to a compensation of $89,000 per player, according to Article 37 of the NFL collective bargaining agreement. This figure represents a notable increase from the previous year, where the losing team earned $82,000 per player. The losing team’s share was $75,000 two years prior.

Comparing the modern-day figures to the inaugural Super Bowl in 1967 highlights the tremendous growth in player compensation. Back then, the losing team received a mere $7,500.

Meanwhile, the 49ers secured $45,500 each for earning a bye during the wild-card weekend and an additional $50,500 for their divisional playoff victory. They also earned a substantial $73,000 for clinching the NFC championship title.


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