“The hate is crazy”: Despite sparkling start to Real Madrid career, Jude Bellingham gets labelled “fashionable footballer” after Madrid derby disappointment

In football, consistency is key if you must continue to gain fans’ support. It’s often the case that no matter how impressive a player’s track record or recent form has been, rival fans can be quick to criticize and target them the moment they have a poor performance, often referred to as a “stinker.”

Despite his impressive start to his Real Madrid career and ability to score goals, Jude Bellingham is not immune to the scrutiny and occasional backlash that comes with the territory of professional football. The passionate nature of rival fans can result in both praise and criticism, depending on a player’s performance on any given day.

Jose Gimenez credits luck for Jude Bellingham’s free-scoring form

Jude Bellingham has experienced a mixed reception despite his promising start to his Real Madrid career. Following a disappointing performance in the Madrid derby, some have labelled him a “fashionable footballer,” reflecting the heightened scrutiny and criticism that can accompany high-profile transfers to prestigious clubs like Real Madrid. The world of football is known for its passionate and vocal fans, who can be quick to form opinions and judgments based on a player’s recent performances.

Jude Bellingham has had an impressive stat for Real Madrid so far. Some even think he is Zinedine Zidane in the making, considering his conversion rate and versatility. Even Don Carlo Ancelotti has sung his praises on many occasions, notably the game against Union Berlin when Jude Bellingham scored the late-minute winner.

“[Bellingham] has quality, and it looks like he’s lucky. This goal is similar to the one against Getafe, but you have to be there. He’s smarter than others when attacking from the second line. He has this quality, and he’s making the most of it. I haven’t set anyone a goal target.”

It is clear from this statement that Carlo Ance Lotti also knows Bellingham has been lucky a few times, but the Real Madrid boss also emphasised Jude’s immense qualities.

In the same vein, Jose Gimenez has attributed Jude Bellingham’s prolific goal-scoring form to a degree of luck. This acknowledgement suggests that Bellingham may have experienced some fortunate moments that contributed to his impressive scoring record. In football, luck can sometimes play a role in a player’s performance, complementing their skill and talent on the field.

In Jose Gimenez’s exact words, “Bellingham is the fashionable footballer because, coincidentally, everything is falling to him inside the area.”

Bellingham’s stellar start in Real Madrid colours

Jude Bellingham’s early Real Madrid days are just as stellar as his time at Borussia Dortmund. The 20-year-old Englishman standout has certainly justified his substantial £88 million (€103 million/$110 million) transfer to Real Madrid this summer. His remarkable goal-scoring prowess and overall contribution to the team are particularly noteworthy, given his young age.

Jude Bellingham

Coincidentally, Real Madrid suffered a defeat to Atleti in their recent encounter, but Bellingham’s presence in the squad could further play a pivotal role in helping the Spanish side achieve their season’s set goals.

As reported on the Real Madrid website, Bellingham has featured in seven matches, playing 621 minutes, scoring six goals and assisting one. This is an incredibly prolific goal-scoring record considering he’s a midfielder and not a striker. Following his recent sterling performance, he’s now a strong contender for the Golden Boy Award.


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