Titans eyeing backup QB options as Ryan Tannehill’s high ankle sprain raises concerns

The Tennessee Titans’ struggles to beat difficult opponents and find consistency have left them at the bottom of their division following Week 6 of the NFL season. Their starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s injury during Sunday’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens generated a high level of concern for the squad, casting a shadow of uncertainty over their 2023 campaign.

In an effort to halt their losing streak, the Titans have been weighing their backup quarterback alternatives in light of Tannehill’s injury, as it has also tossed doubt on his availability on the field.

Tannehill’s availability against Falcons in doubt

During their losing night, Ryan Tannehill not only left his team in hot water on the field but also left a big question regarding his participation next Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons and a great deal of concern for the Titans’ offense. 

But in an attempt to keep the squad competitive, the Titans’ coaching staff and administration are moving swiftly. The Titans are making themselves ready for both Malik Willis and Will Levis to start if Tannehill is unable to play.

Although Ryan Tannehill has gained the team’s trust since coming, the quarterback position remains problematic for both of his backups because none of them can entirely replicate the play of the starting quarterback. As Levis did not play much this season and Willis did not do well in his debut season last year, both players failed to gain the trust of the Titans.

What kind of injury did Ryan Tannehil have?

Early in the third quarter, after being struck on consecutive plays, Ryan Tannehill suffered a high-ankle sprain. Despite being observed to be staggering in between plays, he remained on the field and continued to play with the injuries.

However, it appeared that the injury was causing him a lot of pain, as he left the sidelines in a cart during the fourth quarter. Willis took the 35-year’s spot shortly after. Subsequently, head coach Mike Vrabel disclosed that the injury is identical to the one he endured for the duration of the previous campaign.

Ryan Tannehill
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In Week 7 of the previous season, the Titans’ player suffered an ankle injury that kept him out of the Titans’ next two games. He was placed on injured reserve after reinjuring his ankle in Week 15, which necessitated surgery. Fortunately, he won’t need surgery for the injury suffered this year as reported by ESPN.

Nevertheless, Ryan Tannehill converted 8 of 16 passes for 76 yards and one interception before exiting the game against the Baltimore Ravens. Then, his backup quarterback came in and completed 4 of 5 passes for 74 yards after taking his position.

The Titans are leaving no room in order to strike a balance between maximizing their starting lineup and getting ready for unforeseen obstacles in their next game. Do you believe they will be successful in the end?

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