Tom Brady embraces retirement bliss amid Bucs’ new QB announcement

With his extraordinary playmaking abilities and magical foot, Tom Brady cast a spell on the entire football world. Throughout his 23 years of magical journey, he built such a stellar resume that has become a nightmare for other star quarterbacks to break.

After quarterbacking two teams to an unprecedented seven Super Bowl titles, Brady parted with the NFL world. As the NFL fans are still speculating about seeing him on the field again, the magician put an end to his comeback rumor. Meanwhile, his former team Tampa Bay Buccaneers also moved on replacing his position with Baker Mayfield.

Tom Brady firmly declares retirement plans

When Tom Brady entered the league donning the New England Patriots shirt, no one could imagine that the league was going to have a big-bodied magician. Within just a few seasons, he had grown up as the perfect solution in Bill Belichick’s support system. Brady was about to retire with the Patriots, yet he later made up his mind to continue with the Bucs.

Following a three-season run with the franchise, he announced his retirement, “for good” in February 2023. Though fans assumed Brady would someday return back in the field, he was seemingly adamant in his decision this time. Recently, on his appearance in Let’s Go! podcast with Jim Gray, Tom Brady again blew out all the speculation while sharing some memories of his journey with the Bucs.

The 46-year-old football player shared his intense feelings for his beloved franchise, the players, and the coaches who witnessed the end of his tenure as a player.

“Yeah, again those three years I had were so amazing in my football journey. And I just love the Glazer family, all the players, Jason Licht, a lot of guys I worked with closely, and all the coaches, Todd Bowles and Bruce. Bruce isn’t there anymore– but Mike [Evans] and Chris [Gowdins], Ryan Jensen’s out of the year but Tristan [Wirfs] there Cade [Otton]’s at tight end, some of the young running backs Rachard [White].”

“And I’m very excited to never put on helmet again. I did enough years of that and putting that six pound helmet in your head in 102-degree heat, believe me I’m not ever gonna miss it.”, Tom Brady conluded.

Brady’s admirers will undoubtedly be disappointed by this news, but they can take comfort in the fact that he had retired as the best football player ever after setting numerous NFL milestones, including the most victories, passes, completions, yards, and touchdowns in both the regular season and the postseason.

Bucs named Baker Mayfield as their post-Tom Brady era QB

After three seasons, the Buccaneers are going to kick off their regular season without Tom Brady. The Bucs experienced a lot of difficulty after TB12 left where they found replacing Brady to be the most challenging task. But after closely examining their potential starter, they came to the decision to offer Mayfield the three-time NFL MVP’s job.

Head coach Todd Bowles announced that Baker would start the regular season on September 10 in Minnesota as a successor at quarterback for the recently retired legendary player.

Tom Brady

Bowles told the media that during minicamp, training camp, and OTAs they kept close tabs on Mayfield and Kyle Trask. After careful consideration, they came to the conclusion that Mayfield, who has more experience and more athletic ability than Task, is the ideal replacement.

“Baker is our guy, right now, experience-wise and understanding the playbook just a little bit better. Kyle’s on the come, but we like both guys, we like where we’re at. Baker’s one, Kyle’s two.”

How Mayfield portrays himself as Tom Terrific’s ideal replacement remains to be seen.

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