Tom Brady teases NFL fans with “unretirement” quip in a star-stunned commercial featuring Julian Edelman, Josh Allen, Randy Moss, Dan Marino

Throughout his stunning 23-year NFL journey, seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady embraced Julian Edelman as his on-field and off-field partner of crime for more than a decade. Though Edelman started his NFL journey nearly a decade after Brady, the duo parted ways after just two years.

Even though Brady and Edelman don’t get along on the field, they have a great relationship off of it. Recently, the amazing duo made another appearance in front of the NFL world in a new commercial featuring a number of A-list athletes.

Tom Brady teases fans with “unretirement” quip

Tom Terrific announced his initial retirement with the New England Patriots, yet later he changed his mind and continued another run with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Since his last retirement declaration in February of this year, all of the players’ supporters have been waiting to see if he will change his mind again. Nevertheless, the 46-year-old seems adamant this time about his decision.

In the midst of all of this, Tom Brady and his friend Julian Edelman appeared briefly in Lays’ new commercial. The former Patriots duo was spotted lying in a poolside lounge chair, and the fifteen-time Pro Bowler recorded himself, saying: “Unretirement? Who’d be dumb enough to do that?” looking over at Edelman. Without responding, Julian was observed nodding in agreement with his erstwhile partner-in-crime while munching on a potato chip.

Edelman later shared the commercial in a Twitter post captioned with the cryptic message, “Training camp IS over… should we?”

Before the dynamic tandem, several retired NFL players, including Jerry Rice, Dan Marino, Emmitt Smith, and Randy Moss, were spotted in the commercial.

Revealing Brady’s endorsement earnings

In addition to solidifying his reputation on the football field, Tom Brady has also achieved great popularity while generating an estimated $150 million from endorsements alone over the past 23 years.

Tom Brady has already named himself as the endorsement partner of Aston Martin, Christopher Cloos, Molecule Mattresses, Hertz Commercials, Subway, IWC Schaffhausen watches, Under Armour, Madden NFL, UGG, T-Mobile, Wheels Up, Tag Heuer, Upper Deck, and Footlocker. In addition to endorsing them, he was also seen investing in the cryptocurrency brand FTX while endorsing it.

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Though he never once held the title of best-paid player in the league during his award-filled football career, he reportedly earned roughly $332 million while playing quarterback for the Patriots and Buccaneers of the National Football League, the greatest lifetime earnings of any football player in history.

Even if his success on the field has ceased, the former NFL athlete continues to succeed off the field practically every day.

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