Travis Hunter reveals his favorite NFL team, snubbing Packers after stellar debut performance for Colorado

Following a tremendous journey at Jackson State, Travis Hunter joined the Colorado Buffaloes team with the help of Deion Sander to display his excellent prowess. In his debut match, the two-way standout stunned the football world with his God-gifted athletic prowess.

Hunters’ great hunting at such a young age already has him named as a projected NFL player soon. As a result, the young star player also seems to have a plan for where he wants to end up as a potential future NFL draft pick, which he recently revealed.

Travis Hunter talks about his NFL future

Hunter is currently the most well-known name in college football, cementing his legacy in the process. Following his outstanding performance in his team’s season-opening victory over TCU, football fans have already begun to fantasize about his potential entrance into the National Football League.

Travis Hunter put an end to all the rumors on the first episode of his monthly BleacherReport chat show and declared the San Francisco 49ers his preferred future stop. He also discussed his thoughts on remaining in Colorado and playing with the Broncos.

Hunter, who started at both cornerback and wide receiver for the 49ers, may have already made up his mind to team up with Brock Purdy and become the ideal wingman for the team’s standout quarterback in the near future.

Travis Hunter’s performance vs. TCU in numbers

The 6-foot-1 athlete has the fluidity and quickness to cover great receivers, as he demonstrated in his first game against TCU, finishing with over 110 snaps, 11 receptions, and 119 receiving yards. In order to secure a historic 42-45 victory on Saturday, he also made one interception in the end zone and three tackles.

Travis Hunter

According to reports, in addition to accomplishing an amazing performance in his debut game against the Buffaloes, he got over 75K followers this weekend, which may be worth NIL brand dollars.

After seeing his impacts on both sides of the ball, the coach with whom he joined the team praised Travis highly, saying, “I don’t know how many snaps (Travis Hunter) played, but we’re gonna put a hot tub on the plane for him.”

It goes without saying that many NFL teams are already probably dreaming of adding youthful talent to their rosters. Which NFL team do you believe Hunter would be most effective on? Don’t forget to drop your opinions in the comments.

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