Tyreek Hill criticizes Tom Brady’s ‘mediocre’ NFL statement, claiming that NFL legend can talk freely since “he’s retired”

As the Dallas Cowboys stand proudly at the summit of the AFC East with an impressive 8-3 record, aspirations of a Super Bowl conquest loom large. The Cowboys appear prepared for a lengthy playoff run thanks to Tua Tagovailoa’s strong quarterback play and Tyreek Hill’s dynamic support.

However, amidst this promising season, a cloud of concern hovers over Hill as he grapples with an injury. Adding fuel to the fire, NFL legend Tom Brady’s bold claim about the state of today’s NFL has stirred emotions in the receiver, prompting him to swiftly express his discontent.

 Tyreek Hill disagrees with Tom Brady ‘mediocre’ NFL statement

In a recent discussion on the Stephen A. Smith show, the seven-time Super Bowl champion described the current state of the NFL as “mediocre.” Brady delved into the factors he believes contribute to this perceived decline, pointing to coaching strategies and rule changes as elements affecting the overall quality of the game.

However, Tyreek Hill has a different take on the matter. On his podcast, “It Needed To Be Said Podcast,” he disagreed with Brady’s assessment.

The Dolphin’s receiver thrashed out that the current state of the NFL is designed to prioritize “protecting players” and enhance entertainment value for viewers.

“I wouldn’t exactly say that. I would just say that the game is now like in a space where it’s built to protect players.” 

Hill acknowledged Brady’s point about rules protecting offensive players, yet according to him, the truth is that the modified rules of the NFL are more about safeguarding the overall perception of the game.

“I know he said that, it’s built to protect offensive players but truth be told, it’s really not. It’s built to protect the game and how people look at the game because everything is you know about safety.”

Hill, at a moment, threw a sly jab at the 23-season vet, claiming it was an easy take for Brady as he is no longer on the field.

“But yeah people love to see that, but he’s retired now, so of course he can say that.”

Whatever the case is, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Rodgers echoed Tom Brady’s concerns, aligning themselves with his viewpoint on issues regarding his take on today’s NFL.

Tyreek Hill gives an update on his hand injury

During the Week 11 game, Tyreek Hill sustained an injury in the second quarter. The receiver was seen grimacing in pain before leaving the field, racking up seven passes for 80 yards and one touchdown. 

On his podcast, the Dolphins player provided an update on his hand injury, stating his ability “to catch the ball or run,” though he recently shared a light-hearted joke with his fans regarding his injury.

Apart from his indication that he is confident in his ability to perform essential functions related to his position, he mentioned feeling good and being prepared for the upcoming context.

“I’m able to like catch the ball or run. If you feel me so I’m okay and ready to play and I feel good ready for Friday for sure.”

Already, the receiver is on track to set a new NFL record by being the first player to achieve 2000 receiving yards in a season. per Sportskeeda.

Do you think Tyreek Hill can ultimately end up reaching the landmark? 

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