UFC Fans Split: Fight Pass Subscriptions Drop Amid Bud Light Agreement

The UFC’s recent announcement of its renewed sponsorship deal with Bud Light, establishing it as the official drink of the sport, was met with mixed reactions from UFC fans. Some expressed concerns about Bud Light’s prior association with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

As reactions to the Bud Light deal continue to surface, there’s growing curiosity about UFC President Dana White’s response to fan discontent. White, known for prioritizing the promotion’s financial interests, appears unfazed by the dissent and remains focused on elevating the UFC brand.

Why do fans want to boycott UFC?

One of the primary reasons fans are considering boycotting the UFC due to the Bud Light deal is the beer company’s association with Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender influencer. Some fans viewed Bud Light’s involvement as aligning with a ‘woke’ stance, which triggered resistance. Despite the financial impact of this backlash, Bud Light continues to be a popular beer choice throughout the United States.

The rift among UFC supporters underscores the balancing act of mixing big-name deals with fan feelings. While White stays business-driven, the uproar among fans brings attention to the tight spot organizations find themselves in during societal shifts. The negative fan sentiments show the impact of fan feelings on corporate ties.

With the partnership ongoing, fan disagreements might persist. This situation highlights the delicate dance between corporate ambitions and fan allegiance in professional sports. Regardless of external pressures, White’s unwavering commitment to the promotion’s rise holds steady, driven by grand aspirations for expansion.

Dana White, known for a business-centric stance, consistently places profits over public sentiment. While fiercely protective of the promotion, his main objective stays clear, its global promotion. Although White recognized the criticism, he shifted focus to the deal’s merits. Given the vast sum at play, his choice to stay with Bud Light, a long-standing UFC backer, seems financially savvy.

Details on Dana White’s $100 M deal with Bud Light

The UFC recently declared a massive sponsorship renewal with Anheuser-Busch, marking Bud Light’s comeback as the MMA promotion’s official beer. This announcement comes over 15 years after their initial union. Thus ending Modelo’s four-year primary beer sponsorship. This shift might redefine the sport’s sponsorship dynamics.

Dana White, the UFC CEO
Image via MMA Fighting

On a recent Hannity show, White spotlighted Bud Light’s contributions in the U.S. He spilled the beans on the deal which is a six-year pact worth a hefty $100 million. He also highlighted the shared values between Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light, and UFC as the partnership’s backbone. With the official launch set for January, White eagerly awaits the collaborative ventures ahead.

Bud Light initially partnered with the promotion in 2008, becoming one of the early major brands to support the MMA organization during its rising popularity. While their partnership had seen several renewals, Modelo took over in 2019. With a new six-year contract in place, Bud Light is poised to regain its crucial role within the UFC. This reunion signifies a milestone for both parties, rekindling a partnership that had substantially contributed to their growth.

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