Who is Scott Matlock, Chargers rookie receives valuable advice from Chiefs star Travis Kelce?

Every year the NFL unfolds an opportunity for a pool of college students to showcase their football prowess on the national field. Among those prospected players, Scott Matlock managed to be one player this season after wrapping up a successful college career.

Nevertheless, surviving in the professional league in face of competition and pressure is a tough challenge for any rookie. This appears to be a major concern for the youngster, as evidenced by his initiative in approaching former Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce for guidance.

 Who is Scott Matlock?

Scott Matlock is the 22-year-old rookie defensive end of the Los Angeles Chargers. After Matlock was selected by the Los Angeles Chargers in Round 6 of this season’s NFL Draft, a dream that not too long ago seemed unreal came true for the youngster. The Chargers paved the way for the defensive tackle from Boise State Broncos, picking him with the 200th overall pick.

According to Boise State, the rookie player had a difficult existence following the loss of both of his parents during his childhood. Since he was a young child, Scott had always dreamed of being a football player, and his happiness was unbounded when that goal was fulfilled.

“I’d visit a stadium and just had to take a deep breath, kind of stand there and think, ‘wow, I’m actually here, I might play on this field,” he said after his draft pick.

Prior to his professional career, Scott led the Boise State football team in quarterback hurries with seven and led all Bronco defensive linemen in tackles with 49. During his productive career, he tied the team record for most tackles made with seven.

Scott Matlock

The Chargers’ late-round selections had six appearances this season, tallying three combined tackles and one assist tackle for the team.

Travis Kelce’s wise words to Matlock

Scott Matlock just has buckled down to his NFL career while Travis Kelce already has written his name in the history book of the NFL multiple times by dint of his record-setting and record-breaking career. Hence, after securing an opportunity to meet Taylor Swift’s rumored boyfriend following Sunday’s matchup, the rookie player could not resist himself from seeking advice from the Chiefs legend, to end up being a great like him.

The 23-year-old Scott Matlock was spotted asking Travis Kelce if he wanted to voice any advice for a rookie player like him.

“Do you have any advice for a rookie?”, he asked.

In response, the controversial ambassador of Bud Light left sweet advice for the rookie to be more concentrated and vigilant with both sides of the ball. Above all, the 34-year-old tight end also told him to love the game with the bottom of his heart which could assist him to play with full confidence. 

“You know what it is? Understand the other side of the ball just as well as you know your side of the ball. Because everything is predicated off of what I’m doing and what the defense is doing. Just love it, man. Play with the guy next to ya. That’s all I got for ya, man.”

This situation is best exemplified by Kelce, who demonstrated this recently by making a miraculous comeback to the field despite an injury. In front of Scott Matlock on the field, he once more presented a stellar display by helping his team win the AFC West rivalry game 31-17.

Do you believe the rookie player will ultimately succeed as Kelce did after adhering to his advice?

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