UFC star Sean Strickland receives heavy backlash after brutal dig at Palestine: “Man has more honor than you’ll ever have”

Former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland has a penchant for controversial remarks as evidenced by his outspoken views on social media, often deemed misogynistic and homophobic. Moreover, he has also provided his outrageous takes on political matters and it has even come at odds with the mainstream media.

Many UFC fighters have made their stance known on the Israeli-Palestinian war and Strickland has also done it as expected. Recently, his comments about an incident in the US concerning the war have come at odds with fight fans.

Sean Strickland takes sly dig at Palestine liberals

Aaron Bushnell, a US Air Force serviceman, recently committed self-immolation in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC as he shouted ‘Free Palestine’ in support of the Palestinians in their war against Israel. As expected, Sean Strickland provided his take on the matter and it garnered controversy which is something the former UFC champion is accustomed to.

“The guy who lit himself on fire for Palestine is every wrong with this country”, Strickland tweeted on X condemning the act. The American middleweight had already made his stance clear as he was clearly in support of Israel in the war. Moreover, his Israeli stance often came at odds with Belal Muhammad, the UFC welterweight contender who is a staunch advocate of the Palestinian cause.

“You’re a disgrace to our nation and our founding fathers”, Strickland added on the tweet. The former UFC middleweight champion had already labeled many, particularly the influencers and others as a disgrace to the country. Moreover, he has also called the current government and the multinational corporations a disgrace and has even recently engaged in a social media feud with a NAVY SEAL.

“Open borders, shredded condition, over taxation and your cross to die on is NOT YOUR COUNTRY?! America first always”, Strickland further added in the tweet as he further criticized Bushnell and concluded with the statement made famous by Donald Trump, the former US President, with whom Strickland had a hilarious face-off in Las Vegas.

Fans furious with Sean Strickland

The United States of America is divided on the Israeli-Palestinian issues and so are fighters in the UFC. Therefore, Strickland faced heavy backlash on social media for his criticism of Aaron Bushnell, the self-immolated martyr of the Palestinian cause.

“Free Palestine”, commented one fan on Strickland’s tweet which made Strickland respond with his take on the matter which was that he had no intention in affairs outside the US. Moreover, he also made it known that the US should focus on themselves rather than funding wars outside the country with taxpayers’ money.

“That man has more honor than you’ll ever have”, commented another fan who criticized Strickland for his remarks on Bushnell which he thought was dishonorable. “Yikes. This ain’t it, dude”, commented yet another fan who also felt that Strickland’s criticism of Bushnell was unwarranted.

Despite the backlash for the statement, Sean Strickland still enjoys support on social media, particularly from the conservative and far-right sections of the American public. It was evident after he made homophobic remarks against a reporter in the press conference preluding UFC 297.

What do you think of Sean Strickland’s recent tweet concerning the Israeli-Palestinian war? Leave your thoughts below!


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