Watch: Donald Trump and Sean Strickland face off at the Nevada GOP caucuses

Donald Trump, a big fan of UFC fights, was once again caught on camera with the former middleweight champion. Trump has been seen attending UFC events to support his favorite fighters. Sometimes, he even met them backstage to wish them good luck.

Last time, Donald Trump was present at the UFC 296 event, where he was supporting Colby Covington for his title fight main event against Leon Edwards. Though Covington lost the fight, Trump and Colby still supported each other at their election campaign and fight night respectively.

Watch: Donald Trump and Sean Strickland square off in Las Vegas.

Sean Strickland, who gained worldwide fame a few days back for winning the UFC middleweight title, lost the title within six months to Dricus Du Plessis. Though still a popular figure for his funny troll comments, Strickland doesn’t need any introduction anymore as his fame reached the former president, Donald Trump.

According to Sports24, it is no secret that Donald Trump is an MMA fan, who visited many of the UFC events frequently, supporting his favorite fighters like Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal. But seems like he found more fighters to support on the cage side. Sean Strickland called Donald Trump a “legend.” for what he has done not just for the country but also for supporting UFC fighters.

This interaction took place after Strickland supported Donald Trump while he faced 37 criminal cases in 2023. Though Strickland isn’t a big fan of Trump, the former UFC middleweight champ gained enough faith from the ex-president that they ended up in a friendly face-off at the Nevada GOP caucuses. This interaction was caught on camera, and Nelk Boys posted it on Twitter.

Sean Strickland once criticized Trump’s pre-election arrest.

The narrative between Sean Strickland and Donald Trump started when the former president expressed his intention to seek a second term. However, Trump faced 37 felony charges, leading Strickland to perceive it as suspicious.

Sean suspected the timing was deliberate, suggesting the possibility that these charges were false. This raised concerns as the criminal allegations surfaced only when Donald sought a second term for America.

According to Sportskeeda, As soon as the news showed up about 37 charges before the election, Sean Strickland made a big statement about trusting the authorities in the USA by saying, “Not a Trump fan, but a man 37 charges before an election… It’s hard to even look at a U.S. flag with respect these days.”

The 37 charges could have potentially led to a lengthy prison sentence for the 77-year-old. Notable among these charges were unauthorized possession of classified material, making false statements, and obstructing justice. During this period, Strickland perceived Trump’s situation as suspicious.

However, fans opposed the middleweight fighter at that time, asserting that these crimes occurred during Trump’s tenure as acting president of the USA, aiming to make Sean acknowledge the allegations against the former president.

What do you think is Sean Strickland has also added another fan to the list in the name of Donald Trump?


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