UFL owner Dwayne Johnson discloses his allegiance ahead of Patrick Mahomes vs Lamar Jackson showdown

The AFC Championship game is finally upon us and it features two of the best teams in the land, the Baltimore Ravens and the Kansas City Chiefs. Both sides have blazed through their opponents so far this season and will look to keep their victorious run going right into the Super Bowl, which is getting ever closer.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a renowned television personality and UFL owner, recently presented his take on this high-profile game. Spoiler alert: it’s an unexpected one. As we dive further into this blockbuster clash, let’s find out what The Rock has to say about it as well.

Dwayne Johnson picks his team ahead of Lamar Jackson vs Patrick Mahomes

Dwayne Johnson has always been an NFL fanatic. Right from a young age, he aspired to be a successful NFL athlete. Unfortunately, his career had different plans and he went on to become super successful in the WWE and other avenues; however, his love for football remained the same.

That is why his opinion on exciting games is widely regarded as one of the best in the business. In a recent interview with Stephen A. Smith on his show “First Take,” the 51-year-old talked about his pick for the much-anticipated game.

According to Sportskeeda, he said, “It’s tough. I’m going to go with Baltimore. OK. I’m going to go with Baltimore,” The Rock said. “I think Lamar Jackson is doing incredible things. And I think much like with Detroit, sometimes you could just, and I mean this respectfully.”

He continued, “I was born in that area, a Bay Area kid. But something starts to happen with this mentality where you are grinding, and people are telling you, yeah, I don’t know if you got that.”

Lamar Jackson not keen to face Mahomes’ Chiefs

As for the players involved in this high-profile matchup, it is not going to be an easy job to eke out a win, as both teams would not want to give it up, especially when they are so close to a Super Bowl appearance.

For Lamar Jackson, facing off against Patrick Mahomes is no easy task, as the 28-year-old has always gotten the better of him in the past. However, as his first-ever Super Bowl appearance beckons, Jackson won’t give it up easily, especially after getting praised by just about everyone around the country.

In a recent interview, Lamar Jackson specified just how much he hates matching up against his counterpart from the Chiefs. He said, “I don’t like competing against him at all. He’s a great quarterback, definitely a Hall of Famer, it’s a no-brainer, he’s definitely a Hall of Famer. I believe it’s just two greats, upcoming greats just going toe to toe, you know, like a heavyweight fight.”

What are your thoughts on these two greats facing off against each other in what is touted as one of the most exciting games of this year? Let us know in the comments below.


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