Vikings star WR Justin Jefferson shuts down his social media accounts over online harassment: “It’s honestly crazy”

After slipping on the turf while attempting to make a cut during the Minnesota Vikings Week 5 game, Justin Jefferson was unfortunately found benched for a gruesome injury. Though the Vikings’ head coach Kevin O’Connell and the team are not rushing to drive the quarterback to return on the play, the team’s fans could not hold their emotions to raise eyebrows on the star player amid the Vikings’ struggling season.

After receiving criticism from his supporters, the star player for the Vikings, dealing with an injury-plagued season, lost control of his state of mind, resulting in a daring move.

Why Justin Jefferson shut down his social media accounts?

Justin Jefferson has made headlines by taking a step back from social media, deleting both his Twitter and Instagram accounts. This bold decision was in response to the increasing online harassment he has faced due to his absence from the last six games while recovering from a hamstring strain.

In a press conference on Friday night, Jefferson revealed the extent of the vitriol he received. Mentioning it “crazy,” Jefferson claimed that the criticisms and negative comments had reached a point where the talented receiver deemed it necessary for his mental health to distance himself from social media platforms.

“It’s honestly crazy, the amount of people that really criticize you and talk very, very bad about you, calling you different names. You’re just trying to be healthy and trying to be your best on the field.”

ESPN’s Adam Schefter revealed that Justin is ready to take his spot on the field, but he still needs to keep in touch with his doctors, which is hindering his return to the field.

Justin Jefferson opens up about his injury

The injury fell heavily on Justin Jefferson, which was apparent when he expressed his frustration and the challenges of being patient while recovering from his injury during his press conference. 

He acknowledged the difficulty of waiting for an injury to heal properly, emphasizing the tough balance between wanting to be on the field and ensuring a full recovery.

“If I miss this one, it’s going to be the seventh game. So it’s definitely frustrating, and it’s tough to be patient and try to make sure that an injury heals properly.”

However, the player from the Vikings acknowledged that, while it is not a personal preference, it is a vital aspect in the pursuit of optimal health and performance. Due to his meticulous approach, it is imperative for him to make a full recovery before returning to the game.

“It’s definitely not something I want to do, but it comes with the game, it comes with trying to be healthy, trying to be 100%, and [following] the safe route,” he said according to ESPN.

Following Vikings’ recent 20-21 loss to the Denver Broncos dropped them to 6-5, leaving them far behind to reach the playoffs as the division leader. Amid these situations, the team fans even urged Tom Brady to save their face, before trading Josh Dobbs.

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