Warriors HC Steve Kerr explains how Stephen Curry is similar to Michael Jordan: “he’s ultra-competitive”

Steve Kerr, the HC of the Golden State Warriors, has drawn a striking analogy between his star player, Stephen Curry, and basketball legend Michael Jordan. Their ultra-competitive attitude, according to Kerr, is a common thread connecting the two.

This point of view shows Curry’s unwavering commitment and persistent work ethic, which have carried him to the NBA’s elite echelons. By comparing Curry to Jordan in terms of competition, Kerr accentuates the mentality that has made Curry an iconic figure in the basketball world and continues to propel him to excellence on the court.

Steve Kerr compares Stephen Curry to Michael Jordan

Steve Kerr, famed coach of the Golden State Warriors, has a unique perspective in the basketball world, having shared the court with Michael Jordan when playing for the Chicago Bulls and later coaching Stephen Curry in the Bay Area. Kerr recently acknowledged the remarkable similarities and differences between these two NBA icons in a recent interview.

Kerr pointed out that Jordan and Curry are both known for their unwavering work ethic and commitment to growth. Jordan, for example, was among the first to hire a personal trainer, and Curry, in a similar vein, hires a dedicated trainer, emphasizing their commitment to continuous progress.

Kerr also mentioned the often-unnoticed competitive fire that burns within both players. While Jordan’s aggressiveness was well-known, he stated that Curry, despite his affable and approachable exterior, is just as fierce. Jordan has a more outspoken, “boisterous” leadership style, whereas Curry leads quietly yet assertively.

The overriding link between the two exceptional players, according to Kerr, is the significant impact they’ve had on the game. Jordan’s iconic red number 23 jerseys once packed arenas, while Curry’s blue number 30 jerseys are now a common sight wherever the Warriors play.

Steve Kerr once named Stephen Curry ‘The Modern MJ

Steve Kerr made an unusual statement in January 2023, comparing Stephen Curry to the iconic Michael Jordan. The comparison came during a remarkable effort against the Washington Wizards, in which Curry’s 41 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 assists helped the Golden State Warriors win 127-118.

Kerr’s remark reflected the enormous impact Curry had on the league, a sentiment shared by many in the basketball community. By referring to Curry as “The modern MJ,” Kerr pointed out not only Curry’s basketball skill but also his transcending effect, much like Jordan did. Curry’s reputation as a global sports icon was brought into focus by this contrast.

Curry’s remarkable return from injury in the 2023 season made him a viable MVP candidate, despite the Warriors experiencing problems in a highly tough Western Conference.With season averages of nearly 29 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 6.4 assists per game, Curry validated the comparison to the legendary Michael Jordan, firmly established himself as one of the NBA’s all-time greats.

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