Watch: Die-hard Bills, Steelers fans shoveling through snow to secure seats in the stands

The NFL playoffs have been a rollercoaster of surprises, with big teams facing unexpected defeats this season. The Dallas Cowboys succumbed to the Green Bay Packers, and today, the Philadelphia Eagles fell to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, amidst the chaos, the Buffalo Bills vs. Pittsburgh Steelers match remained untouched by upsets.

Beyond the on-field drama, the wild-card playoff game between the Bills and Steelers added an unexpected twist by Mother Nature herself. A relentless storm swept through, compelling the postponement of the game. This turn of events presented a unique challenge for fans, as they had to navigate through a winter wonderland to claim their seats.

Watch: Bills, Steelers fans slogging through snow to secure seats

Ahead of the Bills vs Steelers playoff game, the impact of the snowstorm was evident throughout the stadium. Despite the playing field being meticulously cleared and parking lots made accessible, the stands told a different story. When the gates opened at 2:30 p.m., a majority of seats remained blanketed in snow.

The league made a new decision for this playoff game. No assigned seats were designated at Highmark Stadium, allowing fans the freedom to choose their seating arrangements. This marked a historic moment in modern NFL history

Meanwhile, videos circulating online captured the inventive methods of the fans, from using shovels provided by guest services to fashioning makeshift tools from pieces of cardboard. In short, they were just unwilling to let a winter storm dampen their spirits.

The artificial turf field, crucial for player safety and game playability, was efficiently cleared of snow before kickoff. A protective tarp shielded it during the storm while a fleet of equipment worked tirelessly to remove any lingering snow. The game was originally scheduled for Sunday but was rescheduled to Monday due to the snowstorm that blanketed Orchard Park with over 2 feet of snow.

NFL community furious with NFL for not taking its responsibility seriously

The NFL community finds itself engulfed in a storm of discontent. Many fans expressed fury over what they perceive as a failure on the league’s part to uphold its responsibilities. A small army of stadium employees and helpers compensated at a meager rate of $20 per hour to clear the Stadium before the Bills vs. Steelers game. The NFL faced a barrage of criticism for seemingly neglecting its duties.

A netizen wrote, “$20 an hour for #BillsMafia fans to help shovel snow ⛄️ before today’s game. Why doesn’t a $3.7 Billion #NfL franchise invest more to protect players and fans in this crazy #Winter weather.”

Crews had been toiling since Sunday, battling heavy snowfall rates of over 2 inches per hour. Despite their efforts, fans were left standing at kickoff, and empty seats dotted the third deck. Netizens couldn’t help voicing the collective frustration of the failure of the league.

Now Sports wrote, “The #NFL has to do something about fans having to deal with this conditions. Unacceptable to pay for a playoff game, and be forced to shovel snow in order to get to your seats.”

Many pointed out the irony of paying a premium for tickets only to find themselves shoveling snow to reach their seats.

A fan wrote, “Kinda embarrassing the NFL couldn’t hire a company to shovel that snow. They have to hope to pay fans to come shovel snow.”

The Bills fans’ troubles to enjoy their team’s play paid off. Josh Allen and Co picked up an incredible playoff win against the Steelers. Now, they are slated to play the next postseason match against Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs.


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