Watch: Johni Broome smacked Hollywood icon Morgan Freeman’s hand during NCAA game

The Auburn Tigers faced Ole Miss in a recent NCAA game, and the Tigers’ star Johni Broome unknowingly smacked the hand of Hollywood star Morgan Freeman, who was in attendance during the game.

Footage of the Tigers star’s accidental act has gone viral on social media, and fans are reacting to it. However, after the game ended, Broome explained the incident, clarifying that the act was accidental.

Watch: Johni Broome hit Morgan Freeman’s hand

A video clip of the Auburn Tigers star Johni Broome from the NCAA game has gone viral. In the footage, Broome can be seen trying to save the ball from going out of bounds by doing a long stretch. He saves the ball from going out of bounds but in the process ends up losing his balance.

Two fans sitting near him grab him to provide some support and one fan gets a hold of his shirt. However, Broome smacks away the supporting hand when it keeps on holding despite him regaining balance. After smacking the hand away when, he turns around he realizes that the person holding onto him is none other than the Hollywood star Morgan Freeman.

Broome quickly goes back, probably apologizes to the star, and lets him know that he is a big fan of his work. The clip has gone viral on social media, and fans from all over the world are posting their reactions to the incident through comments.

Johni Broome
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Johni Broome explains why he smacked Morgan Freeman’s hand

After the game ended and the Tigers secured the win, Johni Broome explained his action in the post-game conference. “I thought it was an Ole Miss fan, grabbing my jersey and holding onto it. And I just kinda got their hand off but then I saw who it was and I am like, a big movie star. I probably watched some of his movies on the plane coming here. But when I realized it was him, I was like Oh my gosh, I am sorry I’m a big fan,” said Broome.

He continued, “He just told me to keep playing. You know, I came back out there again and I was like I am sorry again and He was like ‘You’re all good, just keep playing.’ He is a very good guy, love him.”

Broome explained that he accidentally smacked away the hand of Morgan, thinking that he was some Ole Miss fan trying to hold onto him. However, when he realized that it was Freeman, he apologized, and the Hollywood star forgave him, telling him to keep playing.

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