WATCH: Nikola Jokic launches quarterback-esque pass for Aaron Gordon

Nikola Jokic, during the NBA All-Star weekend, was seen in a jovial mood. His pairing with Luka Doncic was inseparable at the Indianapolis event. Jokic was even seen taking up the coaching mantle during the All-Star game halftime break.

Now, with the regular season in full swing, the Serbian has his game face on and dished out some serious punishment to his opponents. The unfortunate opponent this time was the Wizards. Not only did Jokic deliver a scoring clinic, but he was also handed significant ammunition for a demolition job.

Nikola Jokic’s ridiculous pass from own half

Nikola Jokic gave an outstanding pass against the Washington Wizards that took the NBA community by surprise. The Nuggets center knows how to dictate the game with his stunning dimes and that was on full display. In the first half of the game the 29-year-old got a rebound and he quickly passed the ball to Aaron Gordon.

The Nuggets forward made no mistake to convert it into a basket. Jokic gave the pass in a Russell Wilson-esque manner and found his target with impeccable accuracy. The pass not only took the NBA community by surprise but the Wizzards players too. Jokic completed the performance with 21 points, 19 rebounds and 15 assists in a 130-110 victory.

After the game, Jokic now has set a new record of scoring a triple-double against every team he played. The only other players to have the same feat are Russell Westbrook and LeBron James. Jokic, one of the best considered by some, till now has an average of 26 points, 12.1 rebounds and 9.1 assists while shooting from 58.2% from the field and 35.2% from the 3-point range.

Fans react to Jokic’s QB-esque pass

Nikola Jokic showcased his astounding playmaking ability and vision by throwing the ball to the length of the court. The moment did not rake long to go viral and the NBA fans could not hold themselves back from reacting to the masterclass dime. Here are some of the fan reactions on X (formerly known as Twitter):

An X user called him the best passer arguably by saying, “Best passer in the league.”

While another NBA fan could not stop watching the pass as he stated, “I watched it 20 times!!!”

He was also compared with the NFL star Russell Wilson : “bro better than russell wilson.”

“Best QB in the mile high,” wrote another fan.

After seeing the dime most fans had gone, “Absolutely insane.”

“Rebound+Assist in 5 secs,” wrote a fan wondering how much it took him to give the marvelous pass.

Someone just stated, “Best QB in Denver.”

Currently, the Serbian center’s team is on the 4th position of the Western Conference table with a 37-19 win-loss record. They will be facing the Trail Blazers next on Feb. 24.

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