Weeks after showing parental pride at volleyball game, LeBron James teams up with daughter Zhuri in Nike commercial

LeBron James is a proud father of three amazing kids whom he appreciates and cherishes the most in his life, and recently, he was seen supporting his youngest daughter, Zhuri, and posting a very fatherly post on Instagram. He shared three videos of Zhuri playing volleyball on his Instagram.

After that display of fatherly love, King James was seen teaming up with Zhuri in a Nike commercial where the two can be seen having fun. Bron is extremely supportive of his family and kids and doesn’t miss an opportunity to express his love for them.

Nike ad highlights LeBron James’ special bond with Zhuri

LeBron James posted a new Nike commercial featuring him and his daughter Zhuri on his official X (formerly Twitter) account. He captioned the post, “Z serious about EVERYTHING!!!! #MyBabyZ #Onlybasketball”. The commercial featured Bron and Zhuri doing a 1v1 in a backyard with Zhuri scoring a basket against King James.

The ad highlighted LeBron’s unique bond with Zhuri as both of them seemed to be having fun shooting the commercial. LeBron James has previously shot a commercial with his other members of the family including his oldest son Bronny James but Zhuri being the youngest has a special place in his heart.

In addition to that King James using the hashtag MyBabyZ also goes to show his great love for his daughter. LeBron also attended a volleyball match with her daughter that he posted about on his Instagram.

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LeBron proudly watches daughter excel in volleyball game

LeBron James attended a volleyball game with his eight-year-old daughter and posted about it on his Instagram. He posted a total of three videos. The first two videos showcased the amazing serving skills of his daughter who seemed to be very good at it as an eight-year-old.

King James was proud of her as he can be heard saying, “Let’s go! Do your thing Munchkin, Do your thing!” when Zhuri attained back-to-back points for her team with her serves.

In the third video, LeBron did something that every father has done once in his life. He was proud and in the third video can be seen calling out Zhuri loudly by her nickname “Munchkin”. Zhuri upon hearing it turned around slowly and graced Bron with an awkward stare indicating to LeBron the embarrassment he was causing her.

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