What is NFLPA Community MVP? Giants LB awarded with major accolade

Each year, one NFL player earns an honorable mention as the season’s most valuable player due to their exceptional performance on the field, surpassing their peers. Yet, even those who narrowly miss out on the coveted MVP title can make a significant impact off the field by becoming the NFLPA Community MVP.

The NFL MVP of the year is still up in the air, but Kayvon Thibodeaux, the fifth overall pick of the New York Giants in the 2022 NFL Draft, has already rocked the football community by taking home the top off-field honor.

What is NFLPA Community MVP?

The award was initiated by the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), an organization with a mission to honor and acknowledge NFL athletes who have significantly contributed to their communities through a variety of philanthropic and charitable initiatives.

It promotes NFL players’ social responsibility by highlighting their commitment to making the world a better place off the field. The NFLPA Community MVP program offers financial assistance in addition to highlighting the charitable endeavors of NFL players.

NFLPA Community MVP
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The NFLPA offers a $10,000 donation to the player’s foundation or charity of choice. It is primarily provided to enable them to continue making a difference while also advancing their philanthropic endeavors.

Why did the Giants LB receive NFLPA Community MVP?

During his final season at the University of Oregon, Thibodeaux set out to make a real difference in the lives of young people in underserved communities by creating the JREAM (Journey to Readiness in Enrichment and Academic Mentorship) Foundation. Through his leadership, JREAM has been a driving force in providing valuable support, coaching, and opportunities for career development.

Thibodeaux’s commitment to community welfare was on full display at his foundation’s inaugural gala, where he raised an impressive $120,000 for youth enrichment programs. Additionally, he took the time to conduct a financial literacy workshop for children at the Harlem Boys & Girls Club.

As a testament to his outstanding efforts, the NFL recognized Thibodeaux as the Week 9 NFLPA Community MVP. This honor has only fueled his determination to continue making a positive impact on the next generation in his community.

“It is truly a blessing to be recognized as a Community MVP. For me, it has always been important to pay it forward to the next generation, which is why I started the JREAM Foundation. . . . I pride myself on being a positive role model for the youth to look up to and live by the motto, ‘Be Somebody to Somebody,” per NBC Sports.

Thibodeaux has recently launched a mini-mentor student community service program. It sponsored financial education courses and personal development workshops throughout the country.

Though a good player is a gem in the sports world, a player like the Giants’ LB is a blessing to his community. In conjunction with this prestigious award, the player is going to be considered for this year’s Alan Page Community Award. It is the most stringent respect that the NFLPA can confer on a player.

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