What is Spain women’s team likely to face for continuing their ongoing boycott even after Luis Rubiales resignation?

Following the unsolicited Jennifer Hermoso kiss and several other events that unraveled thereafter, the Spanish Women’s team decided to boycott all National Sporting duties until the perpetrators, Luis Rubiales and Jorge Vilda, were relieved of their duties.

Luis Rubiales resigned as Spanish FA (RFEF) president, while Jorge Vilda, the team manager, was sacked. Following these reactions, it was perceived that the wishes of the Women’s team were granted. However, they have insisted that their boycott action will continue regardless.

What is Spain women’s team likely to face for continuing their ongoing boycott?

Tomé’s squad selection included nearly half of the 39 players who had previously signed a statement refusing to participate in national team sporting duties, and among them were 15 World Cup-winning players.

Jennifer Hermoso was not included in the selected Spain squad; Tome made it clear that she decided not to call up Hermoso “to protect her,” following all that she’s experienced in the course of the kiss controversy.

Hence, it is perceived that there may be severe consequences for those who will refuse the Spain call-up. The players who decide to decline the call-up will potentially face sanctions, which could include fines of up to 30,000 euros ($32,000) and the suspension of their federation license for a period ranging from two to 15 years, as stipulated by Spain’s Sports Act.


The head of Spain’s government national sports agency, Victor Francos, in his words, reiterated that the full force of the law may be invoked if the Sain Women’s team decide not to call off their boycott action: “If the players do not show up, the government must apply the law. I’m sorry to say so, but we must do what we have to do.”

Jenni Hermoso claims “nothing has changed” even after Luis Rubiales’ resignation

Weeks after Jennifer Hermoso was inappropriately kissed and grabbed by Luis Rubiales, the Spanish Women’s team reached a decision to boycott all team activities in a protest against Luis Rubbiales, Spanish FA (RFEF) president and Jorge Vilda, the team’s manager. The World Cup-winning team’s agitation was the resignation of Luis Rubiales and the sack of Jorge Vilda, and they got their wish.

Following the sacking of Vilda and the resignation of disgraced Spanish FA (RFEF) president Luis Rubiales, the team was expected to call off their strike action. However, the strike continues, as Jennifer Hermoso insists that nothing has changed. Jenni Hermoso and his team are demanding further changes within the RFEF so that “no woman, inside or outside of soccer, should ever have to experience again situations of disparagement, disrespect, or abuse.”


Despite receiving call-ups for the national team by new coach Montse Tomé on Monday, the women’s players who were part of Spain’s World Cup-winning team have no intention of ending their boycott of the national squad.

Addressing the furtherance of their boycott, the team states unequivocally, “The players of the women’s senior national soccer team want to state, following the call and the subsequent press conference of the new national coach, Montse Tomé, the following: What was expressed in our statement of September 15, 2023, makes clear, and without any option for another interpretation, our firm [group of 30 players] will not be called up for justified reasons. These statements remain in full force and effect.”

Hence, Jennifer Hermoso and the team’s position remain the same; the boycott action will continue until all demands are duly met.


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