What is the origin of the Dana White’s oil meme?

Dana White has been the real deal in the MMA world for the past 21 years. As the CEO of the world’s biggest MMA promotion company, White has always maintained a serious approach. However, there came a time when he became meme material and couldn’t stop laughing upon seeing himself as a meme.

MMA memes are constantly circulating on various trolling accounts of fans, but dealing directly with the MMA pioneer has some tasks to do. The Oil Up meme of Dana White is trending among the MMA community, and White is still curious about what “Oil” means.

Dana White’s oil meme origin explained

Dana White’s pranking incidents with fighters have been captured on camera most of the time, especially when fighters are pranking their boss. However, this time, the UFC president became the target of one of MMA’s fans, connecting him with the “Oil Up” thing. The origin of the oil meme started in December when, on one of White’s posts, a user began posting oil pictures.

Later, when, Dana White came up to interact with users with his Instagram Live, he discussed how a guy sent pictures of oil bottles or cans in his comment section. To that, White replied, “I want to oil you up? What the f**k does that mean? The hell’s going on here right now.” Clearly, White was unaware of what this Oil Up meme material meant.

UFC president Dana White’s social media handle is mostly busy with new updates regarding the upcoming bouts or something new coming up related to the UFC. Ahead of UFC 300, his account has become even more active, with users keeping an eye on the new fight announcement for UFC 300.

Similarly, during one of the Instagram Lives, White recalled the incident of someone posting “Oil Up” to his Instagram. After all this “oil him up” meme, Dana White, almost enraged with trolls posting meaningless memes on his Instagram Live, called off the session before interacting with most of the users

Dana White’s oil joke returns with UFC 300 main event conditions

Even recently, Nina-Marie Daniele, UFC’s staff member, announced Dana White would be taking part in the “oil” meme, but in a different way. While holding the oil bottle, Nina said boss Dana will announce the UFC 300 main event if fans are able to compete in the challenge.

Nina captioned the post writing, “10k comments and @danawhite will announce the UFC 300 main event this week OR we get to oil him up 😆💪🏼#UFC300,300,” and asking fans to comment 10k times on the post and the UFC president will break silence on the UFC 300 main event.

According to Sportsmanor, this “oil me up” thing started when Dana White announced Xhang Weili and Yan Xiaonan for the UFC 300 title fight. To show their dissatisfaction, fans indicated that White should use his old skills to make great match-ups for a great event. But when the Justin Gaethje vs. Max Holloway bout was announced, fans made comments about not putting the oil on Dana.

What are your thoughts on the oil meme trending and making UFC president Dana White active on social media to announce the great fights?


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