What negative effects will Nottingham Forest’s four-point deduction have?

The Premier League has long been regarded as the best in the world, and now it’s ensuring fair competition among all teams by sanctioning clubs for rule violations. Nottingham Forest is the latest to face punishment as the league cracks down on Financial Fair Play breaches.

Everton was the first club to feel the impact with a hefty points deduction, though it was reduced later on. Now Nottingham Forest are the second club to be punished.

Dire consequences Nottingham Forest to face due to point deduction

Nottingham Forest received a four-point deduction yesterday for breaching the Premier League’s Profit and Sustainability Rules. This drop places the team in 18th position with 21 points, relegating them to the bottom zone. Previously, they held 16th place with 25 points. Everton now occupies 16th place with 25 points, while Luton Town sits at 17th place with 22 points.

With nine more Premier League games ahead, Nottingham must work diligently to avoid relegation. The points deduction could significantly impact their season, potentially leading to relegation and substantial financial losses. Premier League regulations allow clubs to incur losses of up to £105 million over three years. However, Forest faced additional restrictions, limited to a £61 million loss due to spending two years in the Championship.

Authorities found they exceeded this threshold by £34.5 million, nearly reaching £100 million in losses over three years, despite only one season in the Premier League. Part of the reason is the club’s expenditure of £250 million on 42 players since their promotion at the beginning of last season.

Nottingham Forest pondering four-point deduction appeal

Nottingham Forest have already made a decision regarding whether to appeal their points deduction, drawing inspiration from Everton’s successful reduction of their penalty. The club has acknowledged their breach of the rules but presents a unique defense. They argue that their financial loss stemmed from the sale of star player Brennan Johnson.

Initially, Forest had accepted a £30 million offer from Brentford but postponed the deal due to the player’s involvement. Subsequently, they accepted a £47.5 million offer from Tottenham in September, which occurred after the Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR) deadline.

Despite their efforts to use this circumstance in their defense, it was rejected. The club has also highlighted the necessity of spending on transfers to maintain competitiveness and survive their inaugural season in the top flight.

Additionally, Forest emphasized their full and fair cooperation during the investigation, expressing discontent with the severity of the punishment. It appears they are considering their options before pursuing an appeal.

Nottingham Forest will now focus on their next Premier League fixture against Crystal Palace on March 30 after the international break is over.

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