What punishment does Cristiano Ronaldo face after his obscene gesture against Al-Shabab fans?

Soccer superstars regularly get angry and frustrated on the pitch and often make mistakes as a result. Cristiano Ronaldo is no stranger to this phenomenon, as the Portuguese superstar has often lost his temper on the pitch in response to provocation.

However, he is now no longer in Europe but in the nation of Saudi Arabia, playing for Al-Nassr. The rules are different there, and they take the actions on the field seriously. And Ronaldo could be suspended following a recent gesture of his in a match.

What potential punishment does Cristiano Ronaldo face over obscene gestures?

Cristiano Ronaldo scored once more as his side, Al-Nassr, managed to scrape a tough 3-2 win against Al Shabab. However, one of his gestures in that match has gained more attention than his heroics.

During the game after he had scored, some fans were screaming the name of Lionel Messi at him. This was not the first time he had faced this in Saudi Arabia, but it seemed Ronaldo did not like it this time around. He decided to show an obscene gesture towards the fans, and this went viral on social media. It was also not his first immoral act, as only weeks ago he did a similar gesture.

This action earned him much backlash from many fans and many demanded a punishment for him, especially within the strict Arab country. The Saudi Pro League’s Disciplinary Committee is now deciding what punishment to take in light of the recent events. As the images were caught on their official Saudi League TV, and thus there is proof of the incident, Ronaldo can be punished.

The gesture was defended by Ronaldo, who said it was common in Europe, but the Saudi authorities deem it ‘immoral’. A two-match suspension with a heavy fine is being discussed, which will mean Ronaldo will miss Al-Nassr’s next two league games but still be able to play in their Asian Champions League fixture.

Did Cristiano Ronaldo previously receive suspension for dissentful actions?

This was not the first time Cristiano Ronaldo got into trouble for altercations with fans. In his first season during his second stint at Manchester United, Ronaldo had done something terrible. It was after their 1-0 loss to Everton, which left him very frustrated as they could not qualify for the UCL next season and he was also limping due to an injury.

During his walk back to the tunnel, the 39 year old spotted a young 14 year old fan recording him on a mobile phone. Due to his frustrations, he smacked the phone on the ground which was promptly damaged. This earned him much criticism and the FA had to intervene.

As Ronaldo had left the club at that point, they gave him a two-game suspension, which he had to serve during his arrival at Al-Nassr, as FIFA carried that punishment. He was also fined ÂŁ50,000 for the offense.

It seems even the best of players can lose their anger, which can make them do terrible things. Ronaldo may not be on the pitch when his side takes on Al-Hazm in a league fixture today.

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