What were Michael Jordan’s unexpected words of wisdom to Julian Edelman before Super Bowl?

Michael Jordan, an undisputed icon in the world of sports, has left an indelible mark both on and off the basketball court. Renowned for his excellence in the game, his influence extends far beyond mere athleticism. As an athlete who transcended boundaries, Jordan’s unwavering determination and relentless pursuit of greatness have inspired countless modern players.

Yet, it is not only his on-court dominance that has captivated the world, but also his off-court influence and wisdom that have made him a revered figure. Jordan recently shared some unexpected words of wisdom with Julian Edelman, an NFL superstar, before the Super Bowl.

Jordan’s unconventional pep talk to Edelman

In yet another fascinating story revolving around the legendary Michael Jordan, former New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman shared an unconventional pep talk he received from the basketball great before Super Bowl 49 in 2015.

During an episode of his “Games With Names” podcast, Edelman recounted a starstruck encounter with Jordan and former baseball icon Derek Jeter. Edelman excitedly approached Jeter to introduce himself, mentioning his upcoming Super Bowl appearance.

However, it was Jordan who left an unforgettable impression. Initially appearing standoffish, Jordan approached Edelman just as their interaction was about to conclude. With a classic display of Michael Jordan’s dry humor, he uttered the unexpected words, “Hey kid, I’ve got a bunch of money on you. Don’t f–k it up.”

Remarkably, Edelman rose to the challenge, proving Jordan’s faith in him to be well-placed as New England went on to secure a victory in that Super Bowl, solidifying their place in history alongside Jordan’s iconic presence.

Michael Jordan reportedly linked with NFL team after selling stakes in Hornets

Michael Jordan, the basketball icon and ex-majority owner of the NBA team the Charlotte Hornets, is reportedly venturing into the world of football after selling his stakes in the Hornets, Jordan seems to be setting his sights on the NFL. Known for his success on and off the court, MJ has always had a profound business acumen, evident in his shoe brand and other endorsements.

Michael Jordan
Via NBC News

Having made a significant impact in the NBA, Jordan is now contemplating a bid for the Washington Commanders, an NFL team. This isn’t the first time a high-profile individual has shown interest in the Washington team. Sports reporter Thom Loverro revealed on Twitter that Michael Jordan is seemingly considering joining the ranks of NFL team ownership.

While some NBA stars have struggled with managing their wealth, Jordan has shown himself to be a shrewd investor. His shoes remain a symbol of style and success, and his ownership of the Hornets has proven fruitful. Now, it seems Michael Jordan is ready to expand his sporting empire and enter the realm of football.

It will be fascinating to see if Air Jordan can achieve equal success in the NFL as he has in the basketball world. Time will tell about this move.

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