What’s next for Bills WR Stefon Diggs after 2023 slump season?

Quarterback Josh Allen was expected to lead his Buffalo Bills squad to overcome their playoff misfortune. However, once again they faltered in the big game, and “Trash Allen” jab returned back to the QB.

The Bills’ performance in the latter part of the season has injected hope that they would be a potential Super Bowl contender this season. But with the loss in the playoff, their hopes dashed. Their wide receiver Stefon Diggs is perhaps one of those who were haunted by the loss. The receiver is not now even sure about his tenure in Buffalo.

Stefon Diggs is unsure of his future plans

Following the Bills victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, Stefon Diggs has maintained a tight-lipped approach with the media. However, he was very vocal during this weekend’s Pro Bowl games. When pressed about his future in Buffalo, the WR offered a cryptic response.

“I feel like I take it day by day. Obviously, there’s a lot of changes going on, a lot of things going on. I can’t really put the carriage before the horse, you know what I’m saying? But I got a great offseason in front of me to put a lot of work in and kind of build around what we got and what we’re doing. I can’t tell you what the future holds, but I’m still being me,” he said via NBC Sports.

The WR’s relationship with the Bills has not been without its ups and downs. His sporadic media appearances and past instances of friction have raised eyebrows. The receiver got embroiled in a brawl with Allen in the offseason and also missed the first day of the mandatory minicamp.

Even the veteran’s brother, Trevon Diggs, voiced dissatisfaction with the Bills’ utilization of Stefon. Trevon advocated for more plays to showcase his talents.

Despite the ongoing speculation about Stefon Diggs’ future, he is contractually bound to the Bills until 2027. Despite the substantial financial commitment the Bills have made to Diggs, with a $27.8 million cap hit for the upcoming season and a sizable salary in the following years, they have a vested interest in his success.

Nevertheless, his contract offers flexibility in the coming years, as the dead-cap numbers decrease over the next three seasons.

What was Stefon Diggs’s 2023 season performance like?

Stefon Diggs kicked off the 2023 NFL season with a bang. He showcased his exceptional talent with over 100 receiving yards in five out of the Bills’ first six games. However, he experienced a significant decline in performance during the latter part of the season.

Stefon Diggs

During Weeks 7 to 18, there was a decline in the WR’s performance, as his average receiving yards per game dropped to 51.2 and his catch rate decreased to 61.7%. Despite the playoffs, he still struggled to regain his momentum.

He only had three receptions for 21 yards in the divisional round loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. It was one of his less productive performances this season. In that game, his catch percentage of 37.5 was one of the lowest he had had all year.

One particular missed opportunity stood out during the loss against Patrick Mahomes’ squad. Diggs dropped a deep pass from Allen in the fourth quarter. That play could have potentially turned the tide in the Bills’ favor. Instead, it highlighted the struggles the receiver faced in maintaining his earlier-season form when it mattered most.


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