What’s next for Renato Moicano after defeating Drew Dober?

Renato Moicano in the UFC lightweight division is one of the longest-tenured fighters who has been with the promotion for the past 10 years. Since 2014, Renato has faced all five losses in the UFC, competing against three former champions and two fighter with champion-like credentials.

Aiming to solidify his position in the top contenders list for the lightweight title, Renato Moicano is currently on a two-fight win streak, seeking a more significant bout this time. Currently at the 13th rank, Money Moicano is striving to break into the top 10 contenders list.

Is Renato Moicano’s next opponent Paddy Pimblett?

After winning the bout at UFC Vegas 85 against Drew Dober, the 34-year-old is already eyeing a fight against one of the top 10 contenders. With lots of ups and downs in his career, Renato hasn’t lost hope of being the next challenger at the UFC Gold.

He has been relentlessly pursuing a title shot for the past 10 years. If Renato Moicano loses the fight once again, he will have to restart his journey, and UFC might not be willing to provide him with another chance this time.

Renato is saying he is playing the chess game but not the checkers in his fighting career. Renato Moicano is also claiming he is not looking to play an easy game that will help him get the next choice of fighter. Moicano says he wants Paddy Pimblett for the next fight.

Earlier on his Twitter, Renato suggested Drew Dober take the fight against Paddy Pimblett next, but Paddy didn’t look that happy with the way Moicano suggested the fight to his last opponent. Instead, Pimblett called out the 34-year-old to test his skill. In reply, Renato said, “Paddy is calling me out; I fight you and Day of the Week,” claiming he is ready for the matchup anytime.

Renato Moicano gives a hilarious post-Drew Dober fight interview

Recently, Rebnato Moicano gave a post-fight interview that turned out to be hilarious, where he stared while talking about his newborn brother. But the point of the hilarious scene was that he talked about his 62-year-old father becoming father once again.

Reanato said, “Can I talk to you for a little bit? My father is 62 years old, and he had a baby yesterday, so bora papa, eu te amo seu filho da p*ta [let’s go, dad, I love you, you son of a b*tch].”

In this MMA community, fans reacted to the scenes by making comments like Dana White should start giving the best speech award and Moicano will be the winner. One fan commended Renato Moicano for his legendary interviews after every fight. Via Sportskeeda.

There are numerous times when Renato Moicano gave these types of interviews. It may be that his fight wins are not that much in talking about his interviews, always making the news.

What do you guys think Renato Moicano will bring to the anticipated fight against Paddy Pimblett? Also, what will be hilarious in the next post-fight interview?


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